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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Steven Joyce threatens University Students (know your enemy)

Students should keep heads down - Joyce
LATEST: Student protesters should ''keep their heads down'' because most people think they are ''doing okay,'' Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce says.

Hundreds of students across the country yesterday protested against what Joyce said ''seemed to be a bit of a grab-bag'' of issues.

Auckland University Students' Association president Joe McCrory said the protest was ''a student led movement against Government attacks on students''.

An ACT Party member's bill to introduce voluntary student union membership is set to pass tomorrow and McCrory said there had also been a Government ''crackdown on student services levies'' that would see students worse off.

The Auckland protest, which culminated in the occupation of the upper floors of the university's business school, was also over fee rises caused by ''underfunding''.

The Hollow Brain, Steven Joyce has threatened University Students to 'keep their heads down' as a sudden spike of student protest action shakes the apathy from Gen Y who have suddenly realized what the destruction of their student unions will actually mean to them.

Of the 4837 submissions, 98% opposed what ACT are planing, and yet once again John Key is allowing the ACT tail to wag the dog. National continue to allow this fringe political party of hypocrites to dictate hard right social policy to the country.

The claim that freedom of association is what is at stake are nonsense, any jumped up little libertarian who had a philosophical issue with the Student Union they joined always had the opportunity to argue their case and have the student fee paid to a charity of their choosing rather than to the Student Union. This is not about freedom of association, it's about the freedom of dis-association, by shutting down student unions the right wing amputate one of their largest critics.

If as the bullied Heather Roy claims, Whitireia is a reason to abolish student unions then Taito Phillip Field & Roger McClay are reasons to disband Parliament.

As I said at the select committee...

...this is a brutal political assassination dictated by the fringe right which will rob society of one of its critics and most importantly rob students of any real say at their Universities, Labour and the Greens should promise to reverse this as an election promise.

But what do we know about Steven Joyce the hollow brain?

The guy hadn't even been an MP and now he is a Cabinet Minister????? Forget the Mediaworks loan at a rate that Ironbridge could not have gained on the open market, it seems if you attempt to warp democratic principle your reward can be a high party place ranking on the National list, let’s remind ourselves what we know about the hollow brain from the hollow men….

In the week of the 16-20 May 2005, Steven Joyce had a formal meeting with the exclusive brethren who were organizing their despicable advertising campaign and Joyce met quietly with other pro-National lobby organizations telling them the two crucial messages were “change”. Change was the main theme the Exclusive Brethren ended up using, remember National weren’t officially having these meetings with the Brethren and Joyce was the hollow brain behind this.

Joyce also saw the draft pamphlets and advertisements from the Exclusive Brethren before they went out, remember National initially pretended they knew nothing about the Exclusive Brethren.

When confronted with allegations that this was a stitch up job, Joyce’s ‘response’ was that Stephen Win (the contact person on the EB pamphlets and advertising) wasn’t a National Party guy and it certainly wasn’t a National-funded campaign – that of course is a twisting of the facts after meeting with the EB and providing input and viewing all material about to be released by the EB, we can see how hollow Joyce’s response really was.

In 2005 Joyce wrote to electoral campaign committees saying that “in this election National is planning to go close to its legal limit for Party Vote campaign expenditure (meaning $2,240,000), That has not happened previously”. Interestingly when the donation declarations were delivered to the Electoral Commission not one name from National’s largest financial backers were declared after their donations had been washed through the National Party launderette, the ‘Waitemata Trust’ so that their political influence through financial donations remained invisible. Interesting side note isn’t it, Winston was crucified in the media for something the Electoral Commission, the Serious Fraud Office and the Police cleared him on, has National’s funding ever been given that level of scrutiny?

Steven Joyce was credited in the last election by National Svengali Peter Keenan for keeping on Crosby/Texter, the Australian spin Doctors who were so good this election at spinning the ‘change’ and ‘moderation’ con job.

The Hollow Brain went to Australia to meet with Crosby/Texter and on October 19th 2004 prepared the con job they would use to try and spin the election on, it is incredible how much of that con job was so similar to the con job the Hollow Brain used to win this election, let’s go through them…

1: Stop us going down the path to rampant political correctness.
2: Put an end to the grievance industry.
3: Make our community safer by locking away violent criminals.
4: Ensure your hard-earned tax dollars are spent on Education and Health and not wasted on Labour’s pet projects and bureaucracy.
5: Put in place economic policies that will lift all our incomes closer to those of Australians.
6: Tighten up Welfare and ensure that everyone that can work does work.

Note, none of this is policy, just focus meeting tested bigotry.

Interesting to note that when Joyce was challenged on whether or not Crosby/Texter was giving National advice in 2005, Joyce said there was ‘some’ advice but National had no plans of bringing them to NZ, which was a clear twisting of the truth because Joyce had been to see them in 2004, when challenged again Joyce fudged the issue and pretended to not know the depth of any Crosby/Texter relationship and advised Don Brash to claim he only met them in passing.



At 27/9/11 5:10 pm, Blogger Candid said...

As an advocate to the North Korea school of freedom, where people are forced to do what they are told, your position is unsurprising.

Why however do you want to force those of us who view your politics with the contempt it deserves, to sign up to a union, the antithesis of our core.

At 27/9/11 5:32 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Oh Candid, you are so silly and childish, very much like Scott. You clearly haven't even read the post before you commented did you as the answer is in the post. You aren't one of those redneck trolls who comments before actually reading the post are you?

At 27/9/11 8:36 pm, Blogger Jasper said...

I think I can explain why Key/Joyce a off the mark here with the VSM Bill. Key is a little confused with the acronym, "VSM", he thinks it means; Vasectomy Saved his Marriage!! so that's why he relates it to a good thing?? Onyah Bronnah!!

At 27/9/11 9:29 pm, Blogger Joseph said...

"The racist profiling used by the private cops on campus to trespass two leading Maori students, is an indictment of the warning given by Professor Margaret Mutu the security guards have senior leadership from a South African background who apparently think that the University of Auckland is a private area where premission must be sought to engage in political activity.

The University of Auckland is on Ngati Whatua land. The University of Auckland is funded by the taxpayers, who in this capitalist society, are largely the working and lower middle classes. Workers and Maori have every right to be on University.
Without our land and taxes, it would not exist."-


At 27/9/11 11:43 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Candid, I was going to use your comment, "As an advocate to the North Korea school of freedom" - and replace "North Korea" with a Libertarian-society...

But, there ain't one!

Funny that.

At 27/9/11 11:47 pm, Blogger Frank said...

And by the way, when a Minister of the Crown, with the powers of the State, orders students not to protest peacefully, as is the right of all citizens in free country - just WHO is an advocate of the North Korean system?

Just remember, Candid, protests are not permitted in North Korea.

And Steven Joyce ordered strudents to cease their protest activity and "pull their heads in".

Perhaps Joyce will be Dear Leader's successor?

At 28/9/11 1:00 am, Blogger Frank said...

Interesting that, in his tirade against students - "students had 75 per cent of the tuition subsidised on average and benefited from interest-free student loans.”" - Joyce left out one little salient (excuse the pun) point,



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