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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RWC report: No one is to blame whitewash

RWC transport woes unavoidable - report
The transport chaos that hit Auckland on Rugby World Cup opening night was "inevitable" due to crowd numbers far exceeding the train network's capacity, an independent report has found.

Blame is pointed at event organisers rather than train operator Veolia Transport in the report issued by law firm Meredith Connell last night.

The single biggest problem was organisers failing to predict the number of people using public transport, the report said.

The report into the Rugby World Cup transport fiasco is in and it finds no one is at blame, which is a little different from John Keys position which is that after spending 3 years telling NZers to come to party central, come to party central, come to party central, come to party central, come to party central, come to party central, come to party central, come to party central - when everyone came to party central, it all became Len Browns fault.

Seeing as Key rammed through the Super City under urgency and appointed all the Transport and Waterfront boards, he and his Government are to blame for the fiasco, especially after they were told 20 months ago that the transport system couldn't cope.

Luckily for Key however, this whitewashed report finds no one is to blame, which when you consider the Train company weren't even asked to put on extra trains on opening night, seems a little more like criminal negligence than simply oversight.

Seeing as Auckland now has one of the worst air pollution rates in Australasia, a well resourced public transport system is necessary not just to avoid RWC embarrassments, but also to stop the 730 unnecessary air pollution deaths per year. Spending $13 billion on pointless motorways won't lower our air pollution, it will exacerbate them.

So much for clean and green.



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