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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The NZ Police - they're cool if you're white.

Rugby World Cup: NZ police defend 'racist' search
Police have hit back at accusations that the search of a prominent South African sports writer here for the Rugby World Cup was racially motivated.

Vata Ngobeni, chief rugby writer for the Pretoria News, has labelled himself "the unlucky black man in Taupo" in a column published overnight in his newspaper after he was taken to a police station and searched after being accused of peddling drugs in a Taupo bar.

Bay of Plenty Police district commander Superintendent Glenn Dunbie said they had "received credible information about an alleged offence and we were obliged to act on that information. Ethnicity, occupation or any other details would be irrelevant - the police focus was on the alleged offence''.

A South African Journalist here to cover the Rugby World Cup alleges he was racially profiled and searched by racist NZ Cops in Taupo after they alleged he was selling drugs in a bar he had just entered.

Police claim 'someone' told them Vata Ngobeni was dealing drugs in a toilet and that was good enough for them. Plus he looked like a gangsta rapper, and they all have drugs.

Vata is lucky he wasn't arrested for being black in a built up urban area after sunset because when the NZ Police aren't pointlessly strip searching those they racially profile as drug dealers, they are arresting Tiki Taane for singing songs they don't like and illegally spying on so called terrorists.

The NZ Police - they're cool if you're white.



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