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Monday, September 19, 2011

National end legal right of jury trials while RWC has Nation's attention

You've got to hand it to National, who else has the audacity to rob NZers of one of their fundamental legal rights while the country is mesmerised by the RWC and flash mob hakas?

Beneath all the crap of how Simon Power has backed down over robbing NZers of their legal right to silence (which of itself is a shock when you consider how close we were to losing it minus any real debate by a mainstream media more focused on Happy bloody Feet than the Government pissing on fundamental civil rights), beyond all the pretense of a backdown is the fact that National - and shockingly Labour - have quietly dumped something as sacrosanct as your right to be judged by a jury.

In a tactic National do again and again, they suggest something so 100% crazy and right wing that it would make Genghis Khan blush so when they implement 80% crazy it looks like a better deal.

They did it with mining by suggesting Great Barrier when they never seriously were going to mine Great Barrier, they did it with forcing Mothers back to work months after the birth of a child and they have done it here by removing Jury trials for sentences of 2 years from their original 3 years.

This is still evil and will result in justice for the rich at the expense of the poor, as it will be the poor who will be frogmarched through Simon Powers streamlined conveyor belt of cheap justice with hang em Judges who will rubber stamp guilty sentences for our ever growing prison population.

Perhaps one of those Judges who were described in a 2009 report as being idiosyncratic, arrogant, inflexible and not up to the job intellectually.

So what National have done, is rob the poorest of their right to be judged by their peers in favour of a judge, jury and executioner rolled into one, who will process with vicious efficiency the endless dumping of NZers into private prisons like a festering cancer endlessly feeding upon the misery of incarceration for corporate profit.

We are building an empire of suffering at the expense of those too poor to say otherwise while the media are blinded by the manufactured chatter of the RWC.

Sleepy Hobbits reap what they sow.



At 20/9/11 12:46 am, Blogger Frank said...

Interesting how three ACT Mps voted against National's proposal to remove the Right To Silence - whilst the other three ACT MPs voted for the proposal.

Bloody individualists. Why have a Party in the first place? Just get elected an Independents...


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