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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Nation and Q+A review

Oh the fights we've had this week over ratings.
So on the original screening of Saturday last week, The Nation had 3 550 viewers, Richard Harman assures me the Sunday screenings ratings are higher, last week they showed 36 504 viewers.
Q+A had 92 960 viewers

The Nation
It's Key making excuses over Fiji and McCully will be held to account for the train fiasco at the RWC.

Colin James on talking about why the yanks brought 50 people along to the South Pacific Forum. America see's the South Pacific as the new cold war front between them and China as China continues to encroach. Duncan asks if the RWC fiasco will burn the Government, Colin says yes.

South Pacific Forum is debated, Murray's destruction of poverty eradication in favour of economic development is never discussed. The right wing free market policies don't work yet we are trying to enforce them on the Pacific Islands and look surprised when they don't seem to like us for that. No surprises there, this is 'The Nation', it's so right wing the original screening on a Saturday brings less viewers than a Michael Laws appreciation society. The only reason it rates on a Sunday is because it follows hard Christian theological programming, so 'The Nation' are about as enlightened as the 1400s, that they don't even touch upon the right wing policy we are trying to enforce on the Pacific should surprise no one.

The reality is the current regime of restrictions against Fiji have done nothing other than move them further into Chinese influence.

The Nation do pre-recorded current affairs stories better than anywhere else, but when you look at the competition being TVNZ, that doesn't say much.

Head of Slitherin House, Murray McCully is on defending his mishandling of Fiji, his mishandling of climate change, his mishandling of the Pacific and his mishandling of foreign aid.

I love for a man part of a Government that doesn't really believe man made pollution is causing climate change trying to argue for 'sustainable energy', I wonder if that will lead to Muzza suggesting nuclear power.

Between his explanation of all that he has mishandled, he then tells NZ as RWC Minister that he will not apologize for the bus fiasco.

Cue open mouthed shock now.

Why the hell isn't Joyce on? He's the Transport Minister, where the hell is he explaining why this fiasco occurred? This Government have slaughtered public transport and yet have the audacity to say it had nothing to do with them?

How does this Government get away with it and how do NZers accept smile and waves from John Key as answers?

It's not like the can pretend they didn't know this was happening, I've been pointing out this would happen for the last 12 months on Citizen A.

They are clowns, and NZers are clowns for putting up with these clowns.

Graeme Henry gave the opening 6 out of 10, that's about 5 points too generous. This Government have fucked public transport, yet refuse to take responsibility for any of it.

Sleepy Hobbits reap what they sow and I can't help but laugh, it looks like the only thing on time was the 'I told you so' express. I love how easy The Nation are on Murray, this Government screwed public transport, yet The Nation let Muzza off the hook.

The Party Central was always a joke, and that slimy John Key had the audacity to laugh at those who had been critical just as the thing was falling to pieces.

John Key could set a train full of World Cup rugby fans on fire, and the NZ Herald editorial would read, 'Prime Minister shows bold leadership'.

Guyon Espiner is still on Q+A? After being outed as a puppet of the NZ Military last week in Nicky Hager's amazing book, Guyon's still TVNZ's political reporter?

I'm in shock. Surely he should stand down because all he's done is peddle NZ Military propaganda, I hope history is much more damning.

Tame Iti is on, September 11 ten year anniversary and the European President.

Holmes and Tame is a great interview. They were never terrorists but yes they have righteous grievance. Tuhoe never signed the Treaty, they have every right to continue to argue for their independence. For me activism and guns don't mix, but that doesn't make them terrorists. Yes I would want the National Front to be investigated if they were pulling the same stunts, but the over reaction by the Police was shocking incompetence that will have to be compensated.

Jon on the Panel attacks the increase in funding for the SIS as a main driver of this fiasco.

EU President on trying to claim that shit is all good in Europe. He is deeply unconvincing about how shaky Europe is and how patient are the Germans?

He makes a strong argument for a transaction tax, why shouldn't the corporates who crashed the economy pay for the rebuilding.

September 11 hindsight interview. Ahh the memories, the lies to invade Iraq. So many of them. WMDs, Saddam-Al Queda love fest, imminent attack. Oh so many beautiful lies.

Stiglitz says the cost could be $5 trillion. What a terrible and bitter harvest the war on terror has yielded.



At 11/9/11 11:03 am, Blogger countryboy said...

I have a question . How the Hell can anyone know just how many people are watching any particular TV show ?I bet it's a dumb question and I apologise for that in advance . I hope I get an answer soon . I'm starting to pull out all the light fittings , looking for the hidden cameras . What's that saying ? When you look into the television , the television looks back . Or was that an abyss . Look into the abyss and the abyss looks back . Oohhh Fuck ! That's scary man ! Maybe I have to stop sniffing moth balls , the only drug of choice I can afford . And it just makes them horny anyway .

At 11/9/11 1:56 pm, Blogger bsprout said...

The thing that struck me in the interview with Tame iti was his comment, "i'm in the phone book". To think that a simple phone call asking Tame iti what the hell he was up to would have saved heaps of money, angst and unnecessary terrorism of innocent New Zealanders.

At 11/9/11 2:56 pm, Blogger jane said...

This day 9/11 also marks the murder of Peter Tosh (1987)


At 11/9/11 3:07 pm, Blogger Tim said...

I'm still trying to remember when it was that NZ mainstream media became the pussies they are. When was it?
When I first went to Australia in the late 60s, I was horrified by the state of commercial television, news and current affairs there by comparison with what I'd been used to. There's been a complete reversal - even SKY NEWS (Australia) at least understand the importance of political debate: Agenda and "The Nation" programmes regularly - and all to what is a relatively small audience.
Like used car salesmen, politicians, and (NZ) journalists, I bet they'll all be wondering why they're held in such disdain in the not too distant - and when the sleepy Hobbits finally stir....tuff luck fellas!. Comfort goes out the window and positions are on the line - I'd have thought better to take pre-emptive ction now - but still - you fellas apparently know better - or so you think!
Espiner and Garner are so complacent and lazy (kind of like our Proim Minster - who today on "Stuff" (surprise surprise) is wondering what its all about as he refers to his "lazy and complacent" speech problems)- they're both so fundamentally dishonest I've always thought Geee-on's surname should be spelt with a double 'n'! (Gee - I wonder why John! - DOH!)

But....FFS Guyon! FFS Duncan! Neither are thick....but maybe ego has gotten the better of you both - as has your basic dishonesty. Maybe they think reap the rewards WHILE they can.
We could go through TVNZ journalists one by one but they're so fucked up that one day I think there might be a book in it all, and I've always marvelled at how they have the temerity to pass judgement on the lowliest and brow-beaten in society. If Gee-on's bro only knew. Still - he probably does.

At 11/9/11 3:14 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Oh yea....and major disappointment is why the fck Jon continues to indulge these fukwits! Perhaps all the cutbacks mean he thinks he has to sell a rep in order to guarantee earning a decent crust.
Jon: it's one thing to stand on principle and represent a view you think is worthwhile representing - it's quite another to push shit uphill. I'd rather smoke a durry with a shaky Chamsy outside Murphy than CONTRIBUTE to all this media spin. Still...I guess you have to pay off the latest heat pump installation huh? (and that's not cheap!)

At 11/9/11 7:06 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

TV ratings are determined by about 500 NZ households (~1200 people total) with a box that logs what channel the TV is set to at any given time. They then simply extrapolate that data to the entire number of households/people in NZ. If it was accurate, we'd also only need the votes of 500 households to determine the Government... I hope I have not just given John Key an idea on how to cut election costs!

At 11/9/11 7:52 pm, Blogger Fern said...

@bsprout: Totally agree. It's just common sense. Tame Iti is a public figure, not some shadowy insurrectionist. He’d be one of the few people that everyone, and I mean everyone, in this country recognises instantly.


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