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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Miseducation of Anne Tolley - National Standards will be dumped

Thank God Labour have announced they will dump the horror that is National Standards in Education. Pity Labour have more chance of winning big Wednesday than winning the election.

Internationally renowned educationalist, Professor John Hattie has advised the Government that National Standards could be the worst thing to ever happen to NZ Public Education, yet this Government continues to push ideology to help the private education industry over and above the public education system.

National Standards have always been about creating a false competition model by creating league tables based on these flawed rankings, it isn't about the childs ability to read and write, it's about ideology.

The negative impacts of National Standards in education makes Aucklands Public Transport network look like a fleet of gold plated bullet trains built with precision German engineering.

Anne Tolleys handling of National Standards makes Murray McCully look competent.



At 16/9/11 12:16 am, Blogger alex said...

yeah, stupid policy, but at least they can National can now say that they are following through on what the promised to do last election. Such a pity they are promising to sell state assets this election.


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