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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Memo to John Key: 'Don't worry, be happy' isn't an economic policy

PM sticks with surplus forecast
Dark clouds are threatening the global economy, but John Key insists there is no reason to change tack on policies or postpone the forecast return to surplus.

John Key's vacant optimism has reached new heights of delusion. As the Global economy collapses because of the venal corporate greed that melted down share markets in 2008, John Key can see nothing but rainbows and unicorns bouncing along under golden skies raining pink cupcakes. He refuses to readjust Treasury predictions for the economy and refuses to hear anything negative about the impending collapse of the free market system he adores. He's a wide eyed little ray of sunshine in a multi-millionaire bubble world divorced from the realities of life.

Whanau, if I had a Hawaiian mansion and $50 million in the bank, I'd be pretty bloody optimistic as well, but I'm just not sure, 'Don't worry, be happy' can be an actual economic policy.

John Key is so optimistic you could throw a glass of water at him and he'd still claim it was half full. That's great if you are a party boy millionaire, not so great if you are in denial and leading a country.



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