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Thursday, September 01, 2011

John Key and his 'socialist streak' spin

John Key was caught out saying NZers had a socialist streak in them by a wikileaks cable that was released last week. The Government's spin was sublime, Key said his comments were fair because NZers do have a socialist streak about things that are important and went on to blow his usual state house up bringing trumpet as an example of him being down with the kids before breaking into a karaoke rendition of 'In the Ghetto' at his press conference. What the Governments spin drs fail to note is the context in which Key was speaking. The US were demanding to know why their free market neo-con Washington Consensus that none of us consented to hasn't bee adopted, and Key was explaining that we have a socialist streak, meaning the free market shock doctrine being prescribed has to be smile and wave implemented so sleepy hobbits don't wake up.

Crap like the skynet internet disconnection laws for American entertainment corporates. Crap like the free trade deal with America that will rob us of economic sovereignty. Crap like the Food Bill that will make it illegal to trade seeds freely for our own food growing. Crap like Genetically Engineered crops which our own research showed this week give us no commercial advantage at all. Crap like the new pro coal energy policy that allows Oil companies to reap the vast new oil reserves that have been found and snapped up quietly by Shell this month - (and you all thought that marine animal frolicking bill that replaced the forshore and seabed land confiscation act was all about European NZers being able to walk on the beach.)

Yeah, Key can't ram that privatization agenda through because of our socialist streak. When the context of his comments are clear, Key's defense that he was using the term to defend NZers egalitarian sensibilities is as disingenuous as an ADIDAS-Telecom-All Blacks campaign promoting celibacy during the World Cup at a cost of $220 for each missed orgasm.



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