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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Government seizes waterfront - this is no longer an 'us' event, it's Nationals event

While public transport implodes, Maori get beaten by racists and gay bashings jump, you still have to feel for John Key's bad luck timing. 30minutes after smugly mocking critics of his $10million dollar temporary Cloud Tent at Party Central, down town Auckland was declared a public safety hazard.

He's the Pied Piper of Party Central, where John Key boldly declares NZ should party in a central location using faulty transport systems and ill conceived ideas, so the masses shall centrally party.

No matter how many times people would point out that 60 000 into 12 000 won't go, the bewilderingly optimistic John Key would answer with little more than shrug and the face you pull when you fart.

Amazingly that look seems to be enough for the mainstream media. Even though his Government were told the transport system wouldn't work under this weight 20 months ago, John Key's response is still a shrug, and that's good enough for Close Up.

John Key could set a train full of World Cup rugby fans on fire, and the NZ Herald editorial would still read, 'PM shows bold leadership'.

As for John's Boris Yeltsin sober performance at the ceremony, let's hope the Prime Minister didn't pilot his own NZ Air Force chopper ride back home.

Mantrol, Mr Prime Minister. Mantrol.

We now have a situation where the Minister for Trainwrecks, Murry McCully has seized control of the wharf using extraordinary powers, while blaming Len Brown for decades of under investment into Auckland's public transport infrastructure.

What a slap in the face to Len Brown!

After being told 2 years ago the system wouldn't cope, while demanding that 60 000 fitted into 12 000 , the Government have ignored their own culpability in this fiasco and now rush in and take over the entire event!


However, now the Government have seized the Rugby World Cup Party Central, that makes it a legitimate target for anti-Government protests. Angry at privatization? Angry about crippling the welfare state? Just don't like John Key? Well now the event is a National Party event and no longer an Auckland event jointly run by the SuperCity and the Government, that means this World Cup is no longer an 'us' event, it's a 'them' event, and I'm damned if I'm celebrating a fucking National Party function!

Has Murray really thought out the implications of this? Who will he get to run in? The military?

Everything that happens from this point on is the direct responsibility of the National Party now.

How can John Key spend almost 3years saying 'come to party central, come to party central, come to party central, come to party central, come to party central, come to party central, come to party central, come to party central' and then want to blame Len Brown when everyone comes to party central?

This is no longer NZ's RWC, this is the National Party's RWC, and they and their audacity can go to hell.



At 14/9/11 9:16 am, Blogger Frank said...

Was it ever New Zealand's RWC? I got the distinct impression that the event belonged firmly and unquestionably to the Games' sponsors; adidas, mastercard, heineken, etc.

The only thing New Zealanders were expected to do was empty their wallets into the nearest corporate money-bin.

As I point out here: http://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2011/08/11/what-killed-rugby/

As for Murray McCully's Very Kiwi Coup, it's staggering that some are trying to blame the Auckland Council. It's fairly clear that Auckland had very little power on this matter. As evidenced here: http://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/minister-in-charge-of-r-w-c-royal-wellington-based-cock-up/

This was a central government stuff-up from the get-go. The report that John Key chose to ignore was a precursor to last Friday's mess.

We were damned lucky, this time. No one was killed. But we came damned close.

At 14/9/11 9:55 am, Blogger keirwi said...

Sorta smacks of National (still angry after loosing AK to the left) throwing their toys out of the cot and looking for the obvious scapegoat (Len).

At 14/9/11 2:15 pm, Blogger slydixon said...

This is truly magic actually. This is the actual measurable result of this governments ability to manage an event of infinitely predicable proportions. What made anyone think that a venue for 12 thousand would be big enough for an event of this magnitude in a city the size of Auckland when Concerts and Christmas's in the Park have pulled many times that number is inconceivable. Its such a wonderfully complete fuck up that surely nobody can be unaware that this government couldn't successfully arrange a sexual liaison in a house of ill repute. Another encouraging sign is that so far I haven't seen any main stream media seriously considering that Auckland City might be to blame. It's Murray McDully and John WaikiKey and the lamentable Steven Joyce. Suck it up boys it's your stink!

At 14/9/11 3:43 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

"I haven't seen any main stream media seriously considering that Auckland City might be to blame."

Except the front page of the Herald.

Problem is Bomber, there circumstances of the opening won't be repeated, no fireworks, not concerts, so they'll be able to spin it as "look how smoothly it all went once the Government took it over" and Mediaworks and TVNZ and The Herald will all trumpet it in.

At 14/9/11 4:19 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Why are people so surprised?
Even STUFF was running puff pieces the other day on the Jonky - poor petal - all despressed about the way people critices his speech.
The Krismatic Proim Minster not only has lazy, complacent speech!

Do you think maybe one or two sleepy Hobbits are beginning to wake?

Indeed @ slydixon: suck it up!

Oh - btw...that Penguin propagandist is on that lovely uncontroversial Jim Mora's "Panel" programme. Shame a few more sleepy hobbits don't listen to the prick. They might realise just how big a fcukwit the irriot is
Suck it up NZ in fact - you voted for them (or didn't vote).

At 14/9/11 4:40 pm, Blogger slydixon said...

It is true I don't read the Herald as I have a delicate constitution.

At 14/9/11 5:40 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

Unfortunately far too many voters do, and National are proving again their ability to spin anything in their favor.

Super City restructuring, Rodney Hide appointed Transport Board, Steven Joyce being...well, Steven Joyce, 3 years in Government with a Minister of the Rugby World Cup micro managing the event, and yet when the shit hits the fan, the seem to have successfully landed it on Len's lap.


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