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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Geoffrey Palmer whitewashes with blood

Geoffrey Palmer managed to destroy any credibility he ever once had by over seeing a UN report so glaring in it's injustice towards Palestine, that one needs to take a moment before one can continue so difficult is it to swallow back my spleen in rage.

So according to Geoffrey, Israel was allowed to use force because the blockade is legitimate. That's right folks, the blockade of Palestine is legitimate, so whatever atrocity Israel commits in International Waters is a-okay with the UN.

Let's remember the list of banned items into Gaza, remember, these items were banned because of 'terrorism'.

Frozen meat can be imported into Gaza - fresh meat can not! Why? Because fresh meat helps the terrorists!

Candles can be imported into Gaza - toys and schoolbook can not! Why? Because toys and schoolbooks help the terrorists!

Pasta can be imported into Gaza - chocolate can not! Why? Because chocolate helps the terrorists!

A blockade anywhere else is a declaration of war, except in Israel's case. Geoffery Palmer has managed to whitewash with bloodwash.

Bravo Geoff! What a brave way to decide to destroy your credibility ever again for anything. Bravo.



At 8/9/11 10:03 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Good bloody on you Bomber ! Geoff is another pompous , old school moron from the deviant douglas brigade whom I'm pushing to be investigated by some kind of independent authority , perhaps not of this earth ! I wrap myself in tin foil and stand on a hill with a flash light and blink it's light at the stars trying to attract attention. I'll have better luck that way than to expect any kind of enquiry from planet earth . I spent quite a bit of time swallowing my bile back in the 1980's Dark Ages as that horse faced goof blathered platitudes for his traitorous inaction during the infestation procedures of the greed mongering neo liberal scum bags we have to slave for now . All's fair in everything if it turns a dollar . Blockade Palestine ? Sure ! If it makes a profit ! Destroy people and their countries if it turns a profit ? Sure , rip into it ! Greed is good and God says so too ! Murder people for my gold plated bath taps ? Oh fuck yes ! I'll even supply you with the bullets ... At a competitive rate up of course . As I've requested before ; Investigation / Charges laid / Sentencing / Asset stripping / Imprisonment . Oh and heres a thought ! New Zealand ? The new State of Israel ? It's a biblical prophecy so I'm told ! Dear Sweet Aliens ! Beam me up now ! BEAM ME UP ! ! !


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