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Monday, September 26, 2011

Don Brash clutching at joints

So things are so bad inside ACT now, Don is trying to appeal to stoners? Note it isn't actual policy, it's just Don desperately trying to surprise voters enough to keep him hip enough to vote for.

What a blunder. ACT stopped being a party with principles a long time ago, now it is a red neck talk hate radio knee-jerk party who only recently were squabbling over how racist their 'bribe a tribe' newspaper adverts could be with John Ansell walking off in a huff calling the party 'white cowards'.

Brash was supposed to get ACT over 10%, that's why he implemented the corporate coup that over threw Hide in the first place, however ACT have misplaced their own racism as everyone's racism and instead of focusing on the economy, went back to the exact same redneck populist hate that Hide embodied.

That redneck hate has failed appallingly to harvest supporters the same way open membership of the KKK at Otara Markets would fail. The internal meltdown within ACT hasn't helped and news that Boscawen is leaving is the final nail in the coffin.

Dons latest attempt to repaint himself by clutching at joints is terribly misplaced because there are no longer any principled supporters of the Party left, and the uptight voters of Epsom while needing a joint, won't look to John Banks of all people as their new Tambourine Man.

That Don is standing on the North Shore shows how close Epsom could be, the problem for Don is that while the North Shore is certainly racist, they just aren't THAT racist to elect Don 'bribe a tribe' Brash.

Pass the dutchie to the RIGHT hand side just doesn't have the same appeal does it?



At 26/9/11 2:33 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Latest news: John Banks will not be supporting Brash's call to decriminalise cannabis:


ACT president Chris Simmons - who opposed Brash's coup - has also stated that this will not be ACT policy.

Brash is appearing to be more and more a "lame duck" leader...

At 26/9/11 6:06 pm, Blogger Dr Syn said...

Oh Act, if any party needs the sad Trombone as a theme... it's them.

At 26/9/11 7:59 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

The question is how many "closet" supporters does ACT have? i.e. people who are secretly racist/fascist (or whatever they think that this morally bankrupt party can bring) but don't exactly brag about it. Is it possible ACT gets some stealth votes that none of the polls are currently counting?


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