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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear TVNZ Breakfast

Dear TVNZ Breakfast - seeing as your network in particular has been so conned by the Military PR department (as pointed out in Nicky Hargar's 'Other People's Wars), allowing another pro war opinion defending the latest death on this mornings show seems willfully ignorant of your role in being cheerleaders for this pointless, needless war that we are not winning.

Guyon Espiner, your own so called Political Editor, was played like a puppet by the NZ Military PR Department, and didn't even have the intellectual curiosity to question the CIA using our 'Kiwi Camp' as a cover because 'reconstruction' bases don't get attacked like forward bases do.

This isn't building schools or digging wells, this is us involved in a proxy war and your continued unquestioning championing of this war by continuing to bring on pro-war pundits betrays your role as a publicly owned media outlet that is supposed to hold the powerful to account.

TVNZ - you are part of the problem.



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