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Monday, September 05, 2011

David Farrar - the bore of babylon and his smear on the Spirit Level

David Farrar is the far right blogger who loves to masquerade as lite right with his carefully constructed message points he peddles on Kiwiblogh and disgustingly unchallenged in the NZ Herald.

I don't bother reading his site because if I wanted to know what spin Farrar is pushing, I just need to watch mainstream media news, the lazy journalists of NZ pick up his brainfarts as gospel almost as much as they pick up Whaleoil, but his latest post attacking The Spirit Level by using an intellectual prostitute like Professor Peter Saunders is akin to posting up that smoking doesn't cause cancer from the Tobacco industry.

So who exactly is Professor Peter Saunders? Don't worry if you don't know who he is, Paula Bennett didn't know either and she appointed him as the far right researcher of choice for the Welfare Razor Gang.

I'm surprised Farrar was able to gain Saunders presentation as when he was challenged to explain some of his crazier ideas when he came to NZ last year, he demanded payment from media before he would speak.

So who is Saunders? He's to the debate on poverty what Lord Monkton is to climate change, a pay for opinion spin Dr who once claimed class and intelligence were connected and promotes corporates take over welfare, he also write Islamophobic fiction in his down time...

The year is 2046. Across the United States of Europe, millions live under Sharia law in Special Islamic Zones. Four European cities have been contaminated by radioactivity from dirty bombs. In the Middle East, Israel has been incinerated by nuclear war. In the East London Special Islamic Zone, Aisha Sharizi is on the run from the religious police after having an affair with a kuffar boy. In Sydney, the body of a former cabinet minister is fished out of the harbour…”
The Versailles Memorandum

As the ever brilliant Gordon Campbell points out, Peter Saunders, the former Director at the Centre for Independent Studies think tank in Sydney is, well, a nut job...

Saunders, if I can put this succinctly, is a nut job. He writes fiction as well as right wing opinion pieces for the press in Australia and Britain, even though it can be hard to tell the difference. Lets start with the opinion columns. In 1994, in his review of Charles Murray’s notorious book The Bell Curve on the alleged links between race and intelligence, Saunders concluded that social class, not race, was the real determinant of IQ

..so he claims poor people are just born dumb and blames social welfare for allowing more dumb/poor people to breed and writes hardcore Islamophobic fiction.

Oh he's a gem isn't he?

As for the claims he puts together attacking the Spirit Level, I think the NY Times manages to destroy most of his claims last Sunday...

Farrar is one of the best right wing propagandist's in the game, constantly telling only half the story so his spin can fly. By using this intellectual prostitute to attack the Spirit Level, but not explain who Saunders is, Farrar manages to smear and muddy the debate over poverty right when the Government wants to hide our poverty.

How very convenient of Farrar.

This penguin needs his wings clipped



At 5/9/11 7:18 pm, Blogger Matthew said...

Farrar's choice of blog name is an insult to the country.
As stomach churning as it is to have to trawl through his filth I try to comment there at least once or twice a week though even then I only rarely go back to see if I get a response. I just figure that his echo chamber needs at least a small opening to reality lest it inflate on it's own hot air and cover the blogoshpere in it's own entrails.

At 6/9/11 12:39 am, Blogger Ovicula said...

Pretty much what I expect from these right wing morons. They never fail to disappoint.

At 6/9/11 2:24 am, Blogger Ovicula said...

I just read up a bit on Peter Saunders. What a waste of skin!! I doubted it was possible, but he seems worse than Monckton.

At 6/9/11 10:11 am, Blogger Scott Chris said...

Oh come on Bomber. Hop down off your soapbox and come and join the debate. Anything goes, which can be quite revealing.

At 6/9/11 10:14 am, Blogger Scott Chris said...

Oh come on Bomber. Hop off your soapbox and come and join the debate. Anything goes, which can be quite revealing. And fun.

At 6/9/11 10:58 pm, Blogger Frank said...

The best way to deal with dodgy characters like Saunders is to wander over to Kiwiblog and leave a post on the relevant page.

If right wingers want to use fringe nutters to back up their viewpoints, then they risk being outted in public.

At 7/9/11 10:26 am, Blogger Demosthenes said...

Saunders does indeed sound like a nutjob. I wonder though about your statement that he "claims poor people are just born dumb"... I'm not actually familiar with his work but I wonder whether your assertion is correct, or if in fact he thinks the causation goes the other way? I.e. you accuse him of saying people born dumb become poor. In fact he may simply be stating the obvious fact that lower class = lower education = less intelligence?

Bear in mind I have no idea of his actual theory - but I wonder if someone could clarify?


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