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Friday, September 16, 2011


Citizen A - 8pm tonight Stratos Freeview 21 & Sky 89

Tune in to join Bomber and his revolving panel of bloggers and Auckland opinion shapers as they offer an up-to-date half hour review of the political media issues of the current week from a very Auckland perspective.

THIS WEEK: Scoop.co.nz editor Selwyn Manning and right wing Svengali, Matthew Hooton

Issue 1: RWC transport fiasco - who is to blame for decades of infrastructure underfunding and why didn't the Government see this coming?

Issue 2: CPAG have put out their latest report, more children in poverty and things are getting worse. How do Military bootcamps that don't work and sending mothers out to work when the child turns one solve that?

Issue 3: The Private prison at Wiri now costs more than a publicly funded prison - despite Crusher Collins claim that this prison would generate income, has Auckland been sold a private prison lemon?

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At 16/9/11 1:55 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Oh my God ! I love you guys ! You have no idea how long I've waited to be able to vent my spleen . Issue 1 : muldoon thought big and pulled up the rail branch lines into our priceless , foreign exchange earning hinterland to facilitate handing heavy freight into the clammy , greedy and otherwise unnecessary road freight haulage industry . Those trucks then rip the shit out of our roads and the poor buggers who own light diesel vehicles are gouged to pay for the damage caused . Then that aging mafioso jimbo The Bimbo bolger sold OUR rail to the Americans crying inefficient public service ! Can't pay it's own way ! Lets sell it ! Research how a few cunning sociopaths made millions on that deal OVER NIGHT ! ' Why didn't the government see it coming ? ' They did see it coming ! They brokered the deals ! They set us up and ripped us off for fucks sake ! That pompous prick bolger would melt under even the faintest public enquiry even if it were conducted by a talking Tui and a stoned moron in a coma ! Issue two : CPAG The specter of boot camps and enslaved working mothers having to relinquish their babies to private child care facilities is a fucking threat in my view . Keep your mouths shut and fuck off or we'll come up with even cuter problems for you to deal with . I'm thinking chipping the unemployed , scanning car number plates etc . Politically speaking , I've learned this . If it doesn't make sense to us , it must be making money for someone else .
Issue three : To even countenance the idea of private prisons is to be defeated in your tracks . To even begin to debate the pro's and con's of such an abomination is to invite it into our lives . However , if I must . Ok . Imagine this . Build a private prison ... Now ... Extrapolate that concept out and see what you find .... There ... There you go ! Fucking dreadful , fearful , horrible , terrible , ugly and evil . While I'm no policy maker , I would suggest looking at the Spanish prison system . There , they actually fix people and arm them with kindness , humanness and empathy . Our prison system is nothing short of torture and revenge as it is but it serves it's purpose . To scare the fuck out of law abiding citizens into buying worthless insurances at it's simplest level because we can all see the crime , it's shoved down our throats by the MSM ... And it could happen to you at any moment !

At 16/9/11 10:56 pm, Blogger Frank said...

I couldn't believe a couple of Mathew Hooton's comments.

Hooten is an educated, intelligent man, so "ignorance" is not a factor in claimining that welfare is the cause of many European country's current economic problems. Such an assertion in untenable because it's patently ridiculous.

As if welfare beneficiaries were omn the Board of Directors at Lehmann Bros, in 2008?!?!

And the assertion that Len Brown was responsible for Auckland's rail f**k up last Friday is an outright falsehood. I think just about most of the thinking population (all 19 of them) should know by now that Auckland Rail is run by Veolia Railways, which in turn is contracted by ATA (Aucland Transport Agency); which in turn is a central government agency (five of it's seven directors are government appointees).

I was disappointed in Hooton. Having a p.o.v and interpretation of events is one thing. But mis-representing the truth is another entirely. Quite simply, he's torpedoed his own credibility.

Epic McCully Fail!

At 16/9/11 10:57 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Oh, and "Countrytboy" - welcome to the Sane Asylum! Prepared yourself for a whole heap of fun and venting!

At 17/9/11 3:29 am, Blogger jane said...

@ countryboy - good rant;
I have been wondering who took the heart out of the king country when they sold their soul:
($4m worth of land & building sold for a pittance $360k in 2010/2011, meatworks closed in 1997/98, Bolger in power 1990-1997)
and who fucked the electricity system?
(not to forget bailing out BNZ for $380m)

At 18/9/11 8:23 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Thanks Jane and Frank . I feel close to kindred spirits .
Now , how about that Royal Commission of Enquiry into our Power Sell Off , The BNZ bailout and jimbo the bimbo bolger and his dodgy rail deal .... ? Yeah right . Keep up the pressure ya'll ..


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