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Monday, September 05, 2011

Aucklandtransportisshit# will be highest trending RWC tweet

The strain is starting to be felt as Auckland's inept public transport starts groaning under the cutbacks and weight of extra use...

Angry train passengers left stranded at station
Angry train passengers including tourists, families and the disabled say they were "dumped" at a suburban Auckland station with no explanation and no alternative transport. In a bad start to a busy time for Auckland's train system with the Rugby World Cup looming, Glen Eden man Michael Jones says his Father's Day was ruined when he and his family, with some 90 other passengers, were yesterday told to get off the train at Avondale because of a problem ahead.

The new public transport cutbacks have already resulted in the horrific new inner city red bus link which has replaced all other buses traveling up queen street to Krd and begins in the tourist centre of the waterfront, meaning that by the time it arrives on Queen st, it is already packed with tourists, leaving no room for locals.

These new cutbacks mean buses are so packed and inconveniently infrequent that NZ Bus has finally managed to achieve that golden moment in Auckland Public Transport madness, services so bad, that locals choose not to use them.

Bravo, Public transport destroyers, bravo.

Auckland's run-down rail a bad look for RWC visitors - expert
Auckland's "run-down" rail network will give Rugby World Cup visitors a bad impression of the city and the Government has dropped the ball by failing to do something about it, a visiting Australian transport expert says.

RMIT University transport planning lecturer Paul Mees also criticised the Waterview motorway connection, saying Auckland was one the most congested cities in the world due to half a century of motorway-dominated policies -- and more roads would only make the problem worse.

The comments come as the Government today announced it had awarded a $2 billion contract to construct the Waterview connection, New Zealand's biggest and most complex roading project.

We've got the cash for the bloody motorways, but nothing for more public transport when the world is visiting?

Most Governments use an event like the Rugby World Cup to upgrade their public transport, not degrade it. I foresee 'Aucklandtransportisshit#' becoming the highest trending tweet on twitter as overseas visitors are welcomed to the hate crime that is public transport in NZ.



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