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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ammyy scammy spammy

Just got off the phone from some very dodgy people who seem to be trying to use
Ammyy.com remote control access software.

A woman with an Indian accent with Indian call centre chatter in the background identified herself as from Microsoft Certified Technical Department in Christchurch. Something about a "repair zone"? She said there was a virus on my computer and it had alerted them. So I was instructed to turn it on and go to Ammyy.com to download something.... right.

Christchurch you say? May I please speak to your manager?

He said he was in Auckland. Right. So what's the weather like in Auckland then? ...ah? Doesn't know. What's your number? ... 64 99 09 7852 Wow, that's a short number, not many people in that country? ... it's a local number. Right.

So I ask is this Microsoft? ... no, just certified.
So, from Ammyy? ... ah, "Repair Zone".
So, is that connected to Ammyy? ... No.
So is this free? ... it's $199.99.
OK, $199 NZ dollars? ... Australian dollars A$199.99
What address are you calling from in Auckland? ... ah

And then he starts getting evasive, he said he would only give me the address if I gave him the ID number from the Ammyy doc (that I had told him I had downloaded and was looking at - which of course I had not!).
What's your manager's email?
Then he suggested I was being discourteous for asking too many questions.
Someone who doesn't want to say who they are or where they are or what they are - wanting $200 Australian to download malware onto my computer - and I'm being discourteous?
No thanks, mate.

Sounds all highly phishy to me. File under "General Spam Alert"


At 13/9/11 4:48 pm, Blogger jane said...

What is strange and phishy is that I can be fined/disconnected for alleged download crimes and yet these obnoxious bastards are allowed to ply their dodgy trade willy nilly on the phone lines- they even call people who don't have computers! If our justice system is that good that it can catch and punish filesharers for maybe innocently grabbing a few bytes, why can't it block out these morons??

At 13/9/11 6:12 pm, Blogger macdoctor said...

You have commendable patience, Tim. I just said " I have a Mac, you moron" and put the phone down :-)

@jane: it is quite a lot easier to police the Internet than landlines. Besides, it is also much easier to harass ordinary people doing something slightly naughty ( downloading, speeding, walking on the grass) than it is to arrest a real criminal. And much less paperwork...

At 13/9/11 7:20 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Yeah I had one of these cold calls a few months back. Claimed my PC was infected, and they could see everything I had on there and was asked do DL some bit of software so they could fix my supposed security issues (that obviously would have created the very breaches they were warning me about). I called their bluff and asked them what OS I was using (i.e. Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, Mac OSX etc) - that should be obvious if the machine was really compromised. That caught them by surprise, and they hung up.

At 13/9/11 9:59 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Ha ! I had an Indian sounding person call me today and threaten me with fire and brimstone if I didn't pay my credit card off . I told them I was an earthquake refugee and they said " We don't give a fuck , pay up or we'll drop a bomb on your sleeping dog if you don't pay the millions you owe and we'll make sure you will never , ever be able to borrow money again ' . I said ... Thank you , I love you ! You are my new best friend ! Hhhahahahah ! They hung up .

At 14/9/11 12:36 am, Blogger Frank said...

I like to play with them as well.

Usually start with,

"What are you wearing?"

Then a bit of heavy breathing.

If my partner is present, I cup the phone and ask her to scream out,

"No, Jack, no! Put the gun down!!!"


Then, (if they're still on the line, go back to what they wearing, underwear-wise.

Lots of fun to be had, as there's nothing much good on TV these days, and democracy has been put On-Hold, during the RWC.

By the way... what are you wearing...?

At 14/9/11 11:48 am, Blogger Arto said...

You could report their phishing site to google...

At 14/9/11 3:47 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"You could report their phishing site to google..."


And spoil the only fun to be had, these days?!?!


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