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Monday, September 12, 2011

10 years of fighting a noun

So 10 years of fighting a noun, and what do we have? A cost in excess of $3Trillion and a loss of civilian life that is somewhere over a million.

That's a million dead with a $3 Trillion price tag, someone got paid and someone got slayed, welcome to global capitalism as run by the military industrial complex.

I remember the days of argument as the US attempted to justify their illegal invasion of Iraq, the glorious lies they spun that were regurgitated by the war nuts in this country.

Remember the lies? Saddam and Al Queda working together? Trying to buy yellow cake? Trying to build reactors? Remember the WMDs? How about the imminent threat?

Oh the lies that our mainstream media so readily burped out as the National Party berated Helen Clark for not going in with our mates, giving the war in Iraq all the moral authority of a pack rape.

I remember when the lies and true horror of what we had unleashed on the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and any number of the drone strike proxy wars the West wages with playstation glee, started to sink home. How those who were so loud in using September 11 as a justification for exporting democracy from 30 000 feet went ever so quiet once the impact on hearts and minds was those hearts and minds blown apart.

The American over reaction was not the triumphant crescendo of the New American Century as the neo cons had hoped, what it showed was the fragility of hard power. The cost of these ridiculous and needless wars bankrupted America not just financially, but they lost the Washington Consensus hegemonic dominance as China rises ever so brightly.

The South Pacific will become the new cold war zone as the US and China slug it out for influence and dominance (hence the draconian fish hooks in the free trdae agreements with both nations).

This perpetual war of terror, borne mostly by the poor caught up as collateral damage should be seen as merely another bleak chapter in our ongoing cycle of violence fed by a Military Industrial complex with a profit motive in destruction.

This has always been a war of terror.



At 12/9/11 12:25 pm, Blogger alex said...

That headline made me laugh hysterically, until I realised the truth and gravity of the post underneath it. I wish we had've listened to the Greens when they said the war on terror was a bad idea, way back when it began.

At 12/9/11 12:28 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

This is probably the best summary of America's illegal wars I've read recently. Thank you. Well done.
PS, we know exactly where Key's loyalty lies. I only hope that voters keep that in mind on the 26th day of November.

At 12/9/11 12:55 pm, Blogger Taniwha said...

Don't forget the anthrax Bomber. Who was behind those attacks again?

At 12/9/11 1:49 pm, Blogger fugley said...

Bush didn't even get the title right.

It is not, and never can be a war on terror, terror comes in many forms. After living through chch shake and roll, that is terror. Watching your child balance on the edge of a rock face induces terror.

The correct applealtion should have been War on terrorism.

OK, its still war on anoun, but at least the correct noun.

At 12/9/11 10:52 pm, Blogger Tar and Feather The Bastards said...

I've been calling it the "war OF Terror" for years now Bomber - I've found it to be an excellent discussion/argument starter.


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