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Monday, August 08, 2011

What's the difference between a Japanese nuclear reactor and the ACT Party? Japanese reactors know when to stop melting down

Brash backed canned Act ad
A leaked email has revealed Act Party leader Don Brash and his closest supporters were fully supportive of the canned "Maorification" advert. Brash wrote to his 2011 election campaign team just days before the advertising campaign was due to begin, saying he was determined to go with it. "I think we should work on the assumption that the ad will proceed later this week unless something seriously derails it."

Are you kidding me? So Brash did want to go as racist as Ansell? They ended up squabbling over how racist they could be, is ACT now a hollow shell of a farce?

ACT Party candidates like Kevin Campbell that refer to John Key as 'John the Jew', a campaign manager posting late night facebook updates bitching about how dysfunctional ACT is, financial backers like Louis Crimp who says of Maori, "I would like somebody to tell me what is Maori culture? Before the white man arrived, they were savages and cannibals." and let's not forget that Don ran the unwatered racist advert past his buddy Peter Huljich, yes, the same Peter who seemed so thrifty with the management of other people's money.

With Colin Craig running in Epsom now and the rumours Rodney will run as an independent just to spite Don who rolled him, the ACT party resemble less a political movement and more a fractured KKK franchise in receivership.

The irony of Rodney being removed for the exact same pandering to the red neck right that Brash has been embarking upon is made more hilarious by the fact that a small spending Government with lower debt model similar to the Tea Party rhetoric could work in NZ with Brash fronting it, but their myopic racist bigotry is now so alarmingly on display, ACT are bordering on on becoming a political hate crime.



At 8/8/11 8:24 pm, Blogger Frank said...

I would guess that corporations and other neo-liberals are now shying away from supporting ACT, lest they be associated with that party's overtly racist, anti-maori brand.

For many on the neo-liberal right, racist extremism is simply a step too far.

I am reminded of the Alliance in the mid-1990s, when it expelled the "Permanent Revolution" faction. Evidently this minority were creating a considerable nuisance with their hardline marxist-leninist agitation and the Alliance leadership did not want to be distracted with an extremist group within it's ranks.

Unfortunately, in ACT's case (or fortunately, depending on one's p.o.v.), the lunatics have well and truly taken control of the asylum.

No wonder Heather Roy jumped waka. She knew what was coming.


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