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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A vote for Peter Dunne is a vote for more public sector cuts

Wellington feels pain of state job cuts
Wellington will bear the brunt of the job cuts from the latest public sector restructuring plans. About 110 positions based in the capital are to be axed after the Fisheries Ministry was folded back into the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry on July 1. Under the new ministry's "consultation proposals" published yesterday, 241 positions – mainly corporate roles including communications and policy jobs – will disappear from October. Of those, 97 were already vacant. Of the remaining 144 jobs to be axed, about 80 per cent are in Wellington.

How is that 'change' feeling Wellington? Bice and cosy under National are we? One of the many mainstream media lies is that Peter Dunne will win Ohariu. Why? Ohariu has the highest concentration of Public Service workers than any other electorate in the country, why would any of them, especially with a reminder of the jobless wolf at the door like this, vote for Dunne? These voters know a vote for Dunne, is a vote for National and that's a vote for more public service cutbacks. How stupid does Dunne and Key think the voters of Ohariu are?

Ohariu is one of the first electorates on election night that Labour need to win if the left have a chance of having a higher majority.

Dunne is so irrelevant, even his toupee won't accept his facebook friend request.



At 29/8/11 10:38 am, Blogger Frank said...

I justr wish Dunne would cut out the charade and just join National. He is a de facto National MP anyway.


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