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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

UNBREAKING NEWS: Colonel Gaddafi is ACT's secret number 3 list candidate

UNBREAKING NEWS: Colonel Gaddafi is ACT's secret number 3 list candidate. Don said, 'No one sums up one law for all like a maniacal middle eastern dictator. He is also a softer candidate with more voter empathy than Catherine Isaac.'

From a hate monger candidate like Cathy Odgers who described the poor as the 'pathetic heaving underclass' to a candidate like Catherine Isaac who wants to crucify the pathetic heaving underclass - the ACT Party meltdown continues.

ACT Party candidates like Kevin Campbell that refer to John Key as 'John the Jew', a campaign manager posting late night facebook updates bitching about how dysfunctional ACT is, financial backers like Louis Crimp who says of Maori, "I would like somebody to tell me what is Maori culture? Before the white man arrived, they were savages and cannibals." and let's not forget that Don ran the unwatered racist advert past his buddy Peter Huljich, yes, the same Peter who seemed so thrifty with the management of other people's money.

With Colin Craig running in Epsom now and the rumours Rodney will run as an independent just to spite Don who rolled him, the ACT party resemble less a political movement and more a fractured KKK franchise in receivership.

Don's claim to be sad that no Maori would stand for ACT seems to suggest that whatever reptilian creature currently inhabiting his human skin suit doesn't understand the Homosapien concept of audacity.

Once the full venom of Cathy's hate of the poor was identified to journalists, ACT knew they couldn't run her as a candidate as she would be a nightmare. Cathy's claim now is that she never intended to stand, if that's true, why did she turn down a lower party ranking once she was informed she wouldn't get the 3rd place ranking?

I like the spin she has attempted to put on this, but it's weak. She never imagined ever having to justify her hateful comments, and scoffed when I challenged her on them at the time she posted but I think she secretly regret using that type of language now and realize it's harmed her reputation.I was so disappointed with Cathy because it was a personal disappointment. Ever since Uni, even I had to concede she had talent, yet how easily she slipped into the same naked Bennie bashing crap was beneath her. She were supposed to be better than this. She wasn't.

Cathy's hate of the poor was just too obvious to be a political candidate where as Catherine Isaac has managed to wrap a veneer of credibility about her bennie bashing after her appointment as the Witch Burning Proctor of the ideologically stacked Welfare razor Gang. Her number 3 list ranking points out just how radical Paula's bennie bashing really is an issue that, Brother Gareth Morgan let rip on yesterday...

Last week we looked at why our Welfare State has lost its way, sees fit to give families earning $100,000 per year a handout, stigmatises everyone (apart from the elderly) who receives a benefit as a loser, and regards those not in the paid workforce as non-existent.

Combine that reality with the ever-widening gap between the average wage and what those at the top of the paid workforce earn and you have a great recipe for alienating large tracts of the population - not just the poor but the majority who would never make it to the upper echelons of our white, middle class suburban nirvana. Whether they be economic or social outcasts, outcasts they will remain - and that sows the seeds of widespread social unrest such as we have seen in Britain of late.

The crippling of the Welfare State that Catherine Isaac and Paula Bennett are embarking upon will destroy this country. By privatizing social welfare and sub-contracting the Government's social obligations out for profit will see beneficiaries offered work totally unsuitable and kicked off the benefit if they don't accept, this is a recipe for social disaster aimed at the most vulnerable who have had no hand in creating the economic crises demanding cut backs from them.

The solutions to the 210 000 NZ children in poverty and the long term damage that poverty is doing to their health are not military boot camps that don't work or intrusive poverty ID cards for 16 and 17 year olds not to buy booze or ciggies, these are dog whistle smokescreen issues used to distract the media while quietly privatizing the Welfare State.

ACT's racism and hate of the poor alongside their lazy arguments about welfare are not the solution, they are the problem.



At 2/9/11 8:42 am, Blogger jane said...

Oh, and here I was thinking the secret number 3 spot was to be filled by another toupee for Mr Braash


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