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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Top 5 things Hilary Calvert can go onto after being an ACT Party MP

Now ACT Party MP, Hilary Clavert has been dumped as quickly as second hand toilet paper, what now for this intellectual giant who used her own eyes in an advert for her brothel?

Top 5 things Hilary Calvert can go onto after being an ACT Party candidate

5: Spokesperson for the health benefits of KFC Double Down Burgers.

4: Brand manager for ADIDAS

3: Spokesperson for the invasion of Iran

2: Spokesperson for the re-invasion of Vietnam

And number one of the Top 5 things Hilary Calvert can go onto after being an ACT Party candidate, advocate for the freedom to spank your child, your pets and any other 'property' you own alongside 'guns for children' campaigns.

I would have done a Top 10, but no one actually cares about the future of ACT that much.



At 31/8/11 10:25 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Very funny Bomber ... if it were not for the fact that it's also very horrible ! What a dreadful woman ! ? I care about the future of Act . The denizens of Act must be made to atone . Lets all have a moments silence and ponder these simple facts . It was , and is , roger douglas and don brash to name a few who picked up and ran with the muldoon legacy and grew this Neo Zealand ! They did this ! They may now be shadowy figures on the periphery of our political vision but they're there none the less and they're still exerting their influence on our lives WHILE WE PAY THEM TO DO SO ! 99 % of women who work in brothels are not there because they like to shag strangers for money . They are there because they have little or no self worth , self confidence or money and are invariably from dysfunctional homes with a history of being physically abused , mentally abused or simply not wanted by their parents . They are more often than not single parents trying to get by with some modicum of dignity in this soulless , material world and I have to wonder how the columns of adds in the news papers might shrink if single women parents had enough money to live well on and without that dreaded , late night companion , anxiety . Now , without so much as a murmur of dissent this dirty creature Calvert can come and go without so much as a whisper from the general public . Where are all you priests , lawyers , doctors , police and Men ? Where are you MEN who might stand up and shout in protest at this abomination ! How can she walk down the street without getting pelted with shite ? We're all big , brave , bluff fellow-me-lads when full of beer down the pisser watching thugby on the widescreen but when it comes to standing up for yourselves and your husbands , wives , friends and lovers , we all turn the other cheek and become sniveling wimps . Phoebe , you have a Ph D in psychology and lecture on the subject , if my information's correct . What's your take on this ? We ( Us Kiwis et al ) seem to have become entombed in a psychological eel trap by these fuckers , how do we find our way back out ? How might one broadcast how us lot are being mind fucked ! ?

At 1/9/11 10:28 am, Blogger Frank said...

It is quite appropriate that Calvert's eyes are plastered on the walls of her brothel. After all, ACT is about selling one's self to the highest bidder.

As for why they dumped Calvert... http://tinyurl.com/dbjhfd


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