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Thursday, August 11, 2011

That silly little man David Farrar blogs about Mana

I can not believe that silly little David Farrar has the audacity to comment on Mana once again, after he has got it so wrong every time he talks about Mana.

I find his bullshit backpedal on why he got it so wrong in the Te Tai Tokerau by-election extra hilarious because David was actually on the episode of TVNZ7's Backbenchers predictions show last year with me when I argued why Hone would launch a new Maori Left Party using his Te Tai Tokerau electorate with a sub 5% threshold representation strategy. David can't pretend he didn't know the strategy, David can't pretend he wrote my prediction off and scoffed at it and David can't pretend that despite everything he tried to do to stop a resurgent left wing movement he couldn't and he got it wrong.

The cherry on the top of this shitcake is that David insinuated Hone's demise in the Herald and then backpedals on Stuff so that he doesn't have to be accountable to either.

I can't wait to bring these points up to your face David when we cross swords again at the end of this year on TVNZ7's Backbenchers, perhaps we could get a loop of you scoffing that Mana wouldn't launch or that Hone would win?

So after calling it so wrong for so long on Mana, the chief propagandist for the Government, the man who peddles the cheap telephone brainfarts whose methodology is off and providing National with a warped sense of superiority going into the election, has the audacity once again to pundit on Mana does he?

Where does clown boy get off? The fact the NZ Herald disgustingly provides the Governments main propagandist an unchallenged platform is still something they need to be held in contempt for, at least Stuff pretend to have the other side of the debate weakly put forward by another Wellington insider like Pagani.

Farrar's point is that Mana could split votes, and it will. In the Maori electorates I see Mana with 2 or 3 seats outright and Labour winning 4 or 5 from vote splitting. This is uneasy for the Penguin as he predicts the Maori Party will have 4 seats.

They won't.

Mana will either win outright those seats or they will destroy enough Maori Party vote to vote split for Labour, Farrar's desperate attempts to paint this as wins for the Maori Party and National after he's got everything else about Mana wrong is just ridiculous and shows how utterly out of the loop he has become in his little bubble world and totally ignorant of an electorate of poverty he can't see.

As for Sue Bradford's run in Waitakere, what David doesn't get is that Paula is now a loathed figure on welfare and the people of Waitakere who voted for ill defined 'change' last time can see her for the bennie bashing hypocrite this once solo mother has become. Bennett is loathed and a strong candidate like Sue standing on poverty issues has every possibility of 'winning' just as the global market's turn. 'Winning' could be outright, and 'winning' could be throwing her electorate vote behind Labour's Carmel Sepuloni and push for the party vote, there are many ways to skin a Bennett.

David, you've gotten everything about Mana wrong, why you think you have anything to add is beyond me. Go back to your carefully message point massaged dog whistle one sentence blogs with links to news stories and pray your cheap telephone polls for National hold up.



At 11/8/11 5:05 pm, Blogger herapania said...

David Farrar doesnt know Maori or how they vote (well fullstop after doesnt know Maori). They vote strategically - thats why they voted Maori Party (person)Labour (party) at last election. After saying they consult with their people first, Maori Party ignored that and went right-wing cuddle-class with National. And thats why Maori Party have lost the Maori vote. Mana has filled that gap & responded to issues important to Maori - decent jobs/wages/services/support for struggling whanau. No amount of pettifogging (bullcrapping)by Mr Farrar is gonna change the minds of Maori voters - its down to Mana/Labour. (Hone will be Labours saving grace..harden up Phil) BTW: my bet is Bennett will no show come electioneering time. Yeahnah just isnt a strong enough argument.

At 11/8/11 6:38 pm, Blogger tamati said...

Bomber if you're so confident of your 'holier than thou' predictions why don't you go and make a fortune over at ipredict? C'mon put you money where your mouth is big fella!

At 11/8/11 10:14 pm, Blogger Alma said...

Herepania said it all. Don't read the stupid little twit's blog, Martyn, it's just bad for your blood pressure.

At 12/8/11 12:59 am, Blogger James said...

Maori "strategic voting"...who's gonna give me the biggest welfare handout Bro?

At 12/8/11 8:46 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Tamati - I called Obama winning right, Len Brown winning right, the formation of Mana right, Hone winning right and ACT melting down right. I got the 2008 election wrong as I didn't take into count the 200 000 Labour Party voters not bothering to vote and NZ First not getting over the threshold. I don't gamble, and my point isn't to make money Tamati, my point is to highlight how wrong that clown David Farrar is .

At 12/8/11 8:48 am, Blogger Bomber said...

James - I think taht's just a knuckle dragging race insult better suited for the maggots at kiwiblogh isn't it? You race hate misses the point though James as if you had ANY understanding of the voting tactics used in the past, you could clearly see how fast Maori have adapted to MMP - I think you are speaking from a position of ignorance aren't you?

At 12/8/11 9:53 am, Blogger tamati said...

Ipredict is not a casino, it's a market place. But I guess you don't believe in that either.

At 12/8/11 3:39 pm, Blogger Arto said...

Oh, I was under the impression that Ipredict was a gambling place.

BTW, Wall Street and the "Marketplace" are rigged.

At 12/8/11 3:40 pm, Blogger Arto said...

And that Farrar fool just doesn't get it how Maori voters are gonna vote their party vote to MANA, and their candidate vote to LABOUR.


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