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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The rise of main-stream NuZiland's neo-casual crypto-fascism

We are all Keynesian now, yet this Government continues to implement free market reform through mass privatization not only of the assets we own, but the public services we provide from prisons to social welfare. The enormity of sub contracting so much of the Governments responsibilities to corporations who in turn gain vast power over those unfortunate enough to now become the newly criminalized poor is simply not receiving the serious debate the media should be bringing it.

Media starting to ask hard questions for the first time in nearly three years about draconian welfare pogrom? Hey isn't that a Rugby Story about a fake cup? Welcome to the next two bloody months!

ADIDAS + abstaining + fake cups = manufactured chatter. No one mention mass privatization by stealth measures resulting in Poverty photo ID cards for 16 and 17 year olds that will be expanded to all beneficiaries? I mean - WTF?

We are implementing this free market uber allas onto the masses right when this exact type of free market dogma is what led the global economy off a cliff, the man who predicted it, and has continued to call it in today's Slate, Dr Doom himself, Nouriel Roubini...

To enable market-oriented economies to operate as they should and can, we need to return to the right balance between markets and provision of public goods. That means moving away from both the Anglo-Saxon model of laissez-faire and voodoo economics and the continental European model of deficit-driven welfare states. Both are broken.

The right balance today requires creating jobs partly through additional fiscal stimulus aimed at productive infrastructure investment. It also requires more progressive taxation; more short-term fiscal stimulus with medium- and long-term fiscal discipline; lender-of-last-resort support by monetary authorities to prevent ruinous runs on banks; reduction of the debt burden for insolvent households and other distressed economic agents; and stricter supervision and regulation of a financial system run amok; breaking up too-big-to-fail banks and oligopolistic trusts.

Over time, advanced economies will need to invest in human capital, skills, and social safety nets to increase productivity and enable workers to compete, be flexible, and thrive in a globalized economy. The alternative is—like in the 1930s—unending stagnation, depression, currency and trade wars, capital controls, financial crisis, sovereign insolvencies, and massive social and political instability.

...what our free marketeers don't get yet (or are willfully ignorant off) is that we are in a unique crises of capitalism and that if we have any hope of weathering this we can't expect the implementation of this failed ideology is going to produce anything short of a screaming failure.

Sleepy Hobbits reap what they sow.



At 18/8/11 10:32 am, Blogger Nitrium said...

Well what did you expect given the pedigree of John "The Smiling Assassin" Key? I think NZ must be the only country whose voters thought it would be a grand idea to vote in a Merill Lynch alumni to solve a crisis caused by banksters.

At 18/8/11 2:30 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Hypocritically , I often call upon a ' Maker ' I have scant belief in although I try to have an open mind . Oh God ! and Jesus Christ ! Is what I say when I read Bombers latest posting ! ' Oh dear sweet Buddha also , just to cover the bases and to use an Americlone-ism ! What's to be done ? Clearly one can't get excited and proclaim ones concerns for fear of being charged with ' sedition ' a word I'd never heard of . Initially , I thought it was a word for those less fortunate who solicit the sexual favours of Sloths . Without the privileges of an education worth mentioning it's taken me years to figure out the deviant machinations of the Neo Liberal regime we now we have instead of the democracy we had and were conned into turning our backs on . After reading and researching , I've come to the conclusion that the people who ' know ' are in stalemate with the people who know we know and don't give a fuck . For example , my telephone provider . It could care less that it's been over-charging me , offering me a pathetic and confusing service and enjoying the Governmental protection we should instead be enjoying . What can we do ? Fight and/or riot ?The police will shoot you ! Write ? It'll get lost in the bewildering amount of stuff already written . Shout from a street corner ? What might one shout ? ' You morons are being brainwashed , bled dry and abused by a pseudo-government , sucking corporate cock ! Sedition you say Mr Lawyer ? I reckon the only way to make a statement is to not 'Buy' . Not purchase . Not borrow and give the Big Finger to the Banks , the Insurance Fleas , local authorities , ( You see on TV that more than three cats will require a special permit in New Plymouth I think it was ? ) and function entirely on PRE TAXED ( I don't want to be seditted by the IRD ) cash but most importantly , we must stick together ! Every one must do it . If people can organize mass shop lifting in the US , surely there must be someone here who could organize a mass ' borrow no money ' month ? There's an old saying ; All you're strength is in your union , all your danger is in discord . Henry Wadworth Longfellow . Honestly , there's nothing that'd put the shits up Key and his cronies more than the rise and prospering of a new Trade Union movement . ( God ! I can hear all the right wingers out there twisting and snarling . ) In an ungoverned world where greed is good and any socialist or communist concept is great in theory but unworkable in practice , there must be a balance post between those two waring factions and it is the workforce . The workforce et al MUST be Unionized . The democratic process will fail if the work force is laid bare . Ask roger , ' Pig in a cage , farmer ' douglas if you think I'm incorrect .

At 18/8/11 3:36 pm, Blogger Jimmy_N said...

I'm not sure which is worse to have. Media too incompetent to investigate the important stories in an election year, or like the case here in China, one that wants to, but is told by the State what to investigate and doesn't go further without risking their life or jobs for doing so.
The country is going to need some sort of income if NACT gets back in, when they sell all the SOE's off, which will probably end up coming from China, but one thing I think our Government, or muppets in charge, fail to realise, is that China's idea of long term investment, is what is best for China in the long run and screwing the West over at the same time is a bonus. It also won't just be financial problems. The Chinese farmers use so much in the way of pesticides that there second level of organic farming, is just Western levels of pesticide, with the normal rates being over double the Western limit, so we are going to have environmental problems, with a Government like the Chinese who would refuse to compensate anything for raping our land. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE PEOPLE The only people who are benefitting from the current leadership, are the leaders themselves!

At 20/8/11 9:37 am, Blogger Gosman said...

These are your people Mr Bradbury. The paranoid, xenophobic, ranting, conspiracy theorists of the hard left. Good luck trying to get some sort of coherent political movement from them.


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