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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recreational Riots (every day I'm rioting)

Recreational rioting has erupted all over Britain ironically using the same social networking methods that made the Arab Spring so much fun.

The role of the British Police in shooting Mark Duggan, a father of four, has of course been utterly ignored. The Police tried to cover up his death by insinuating that Mark Duggan had fired shots at the Police when it turned that was false, and the manner in which the British Police then disrespected the Family by not even bothering to show up to answer questions about Duggan's death was all that was needed to spark this violence off. I wonder if the UK cops enjoy reaping what they've sowed on this one?

Let's be clear, no one wants to see violence and destruction like this, and no one can defend these little hoodlums, but sweet Jesus whanau, they're facing 20% youth unemployment. The promise of democracy is that you can look into the face of your child and know they are going to get a better deal than you did, when democracy can't promise that due to venal corporate greed that has crashed the global economy, then disfranchised people with no hope riot. This is exactly what happened throughout the 30's after the 1929 stock market collapse when fascism and communism competed with democracy for all out hegemonic power.

Do i think those influences are in the frontal lobes of most of the chavs stealing plasma TV's - of course not, the zombies are rioting not activating political mechanisms of class based dissidence, but it's the environment austerity measures create that breeds riots.

NZ's youth unemployment rate is 19.4% - luckily NZ Youth are far too apathetic to ever organize in any way shape or form to riot like this, the only thing that could motivate youth in NZ to riot is if John Key banned the current season of Glee.



At 10/8/11 12:34 pm, Blogger dave said...

In Tottenham youth unemployment is closer to 50%. Youth stealing TVs are not 'mindless' they are acting like little banksters hoping for a small bonus.

At 10/8/11 1:37 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Ah ... Youth . I remember it well . At least the good bits thank God . Mind you , I had a privileged youth . I was never unemployed . I never felt hopeless , homeless or abandoned . My mother and father loved me despite my conception being somewhat of a surprise . I was never hit , abused or ignored . My ' upbringing ' was not unusual amongst my peers then either . Youthful ignorance was seen then as an , opportunity to enlighten , by ones Elders . Today , it's seen as an opportunity to extort , capitalize on and deride . As equally ignorant parents work ever harder , teens are left with their only reliable peer group . The dreaded Television . Chillingly , one can get a WINZ quote for a fucking television ! And look what's being beamed into the hearts and minds of our youth . Yes Bomber . Glee and other shows that espouse sociopathic nihilism and brainless rutting . It's the parents of youth who should be rioting in NZ /Aotearoa ! Keep your kids at home and safe ( Yeah right ! ) and get fucking out there and roll your sleeves up ! Your politicians won't ! They have their lips firmly stuck between the steamy buttocks of the Corporates .


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