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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The privatization of Social Welfare

Bonuses for firms that cut teen jobless figures
Further privatisation of the welfare sector will be part of the Government's plan to get beneficiaries into work. National will offer cash bonuses to private organisations that reduce the tally of about 13,500 young people aged under 18 who are not in work or education.

Key has privatized prisons, privatized welfare and wants to privatize our assets as well, this isn't nanny state, it's the none existing state - what the bloody hell is Key actually doing as a Government if he keeps sub contracting the Governments social obligations out to every one else? Why are we still paying you then chump if you ain't actually doing any work? This isn't Government with a small G, it's Government with a microscopic G.

Why are we giving bonuses to private companies for kicking youth off benefits rather than paying that bonus to an employer with the courage to hire in this economic environment? Why are we adopting more failed Milton Friedman, right wing, low tax, deregulation free market dogma to combat a global economic recession caused by the very same failed Milton Friedman right wing low tax, deregulation free market dogma?

All we are doing here is adopting hard right economic policy as social policy in what is little more than economic Darwinism masquerading as a punch in the face. This isn't how you defuse riots, it's how you fuel them.



At 16/8/11 12:21 pm, Blogger Allan Alach said...

You omitted to list the probable part privatisation of education, if they get the chance.

At 16/8/11 6:33 pm, Blogger jane said...

Maybe they want them (riots)

At 17/8/11 6:14 am, Blogger employer said...

That is a "I'm a twisted wage voter" comment. Bomber you are a twat. It hardly shock doctrine but we could use more of it. It is we retest and populace at best and that is what we need in government. It's what most people want not the wage voting 30% of our political illiterate in this country.


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