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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Police love to fry Maori and Pacific Islanders

Maori, Islanders high in stun-gun statistics
Fears police would use Tasers disportionately on Maori and Pacific Islanders have been realised, say the Mana Party and the Greens as police numbers show almost 60 per cent of people tasered in the past year were of those ethnicities.

Exactly as Mana and Greens predicted, the NZ Police can't move fast enough to taser when the target is brown. Tasers are not supposed to be used to enforce control, they can only be used if a weapon has been pulled, compliance is not a justification for using a taser, and the speed with which Police use tasers to control the mentally ill demands an inquiry.

The new Police Commissioner announced in April that the restrictions placed on Tasers have now been lifted so that any clown within the Police force, (maybe one who was attracted by the Police recruitment arsehole advert where a young recruit repaints the carpark lines so that no one could open their door), ANY clown within the Police can now taser any member of the public, especially if they are brown.

Tasers were only available to 26% of frontline cars and an officer had to gain permission via the communications centre to use them, NOW, tasers will be available to all and no permission sought. Excellent, ill trained cops with tasers.

We know the damage ill trained cops with guns can cause. Ask the family of Halatau Naitoko who was gunned down by ill trained Police. Wasn't the report hilarious? Cops just opening fire in public like it's a fucking playstation game - of course Police need the tools to police, but ill trained cops running around with weapons isn't a policing policy is it? It's a recipe for disaster, ask the family of Halatau Naitoko.

The reality is that nothing will change until a middle class white kid get's the same treatment, then watch how quickly Judith Collins will move to investigate. While the police are led by a tough on crime cheerleader like Crusher, the same targets of Police racism and profiling will always be the victim of tasering while a compliant Independent Police Complaints Authority will do what their told.

I wonder if the Police who outrageously arrested Tiki Taane for singing 'Fuck the Police' would have tasered him if they had a taser available when they bullied him into an arrest?

Fried pork never tasted so bitter.



At 25/8/11 7:42 am, Blogger frances jane said...

This is very scary, Bomber. Tasers induce anaphalactic shock, cause seizures and heart failure, mess up the central nervous system, stop pacemakers, and kill people with certain medical conditions. As for obtaining permission from central control first, hell, the officer only needs a wireless headset and he can "call for backup" and taser away at the same time. Nobody on the receiving end of those dirty little darts is going to be able to grab their phone to dairy the event, like, "Oh G, it's 11.53 pm and I'm being tasered by a nice police officer, lol". Somebody must be aiming to get a lot of extra bucks from the contract to supply.

At 25/8/11 8:27 am, Blogger Nitrium said...

I hate to bring this up, but is it not entirely possible that ~60% of criminals (I think that is about right, based on prison statistics) are Maori/Pacific Islanders, and thus this taser statistic frankly makes perfect sense. A more plausible argument is thus that Maori/Pacific Islanders are targeted by police for arrest in general as opposed to other ethnicities, but I'm not sure that is really the case.

At 25/8/11 9:12 am, Blogger Dovil said...

I don't think that this is indictment that the police are somehow the ones left holding the racism bag, I think this is a sad indictment that the country as a whole is. For gods sake, poverty is massively disproportionately meted down on racial lines and poverty can breed anti-social behavior which is reflected in crime stats. This is a bigger picture issue than just taser use, this is a picture of a sick society that has horrifically failed groups within it.

At 25/8/11 9:14 am, Blogger CosmicRocketCultivator said...

Taser International..Facebook site. It has all the appearance of a fully operational circus production. Disturbing to say the least. You can never have too many clowns at a circus but in real time the New Zealand public requires 'limited violence' enforcement practice.

At 25/8/11 10:27 am, Blogger DebsisDead said...

Those who claim that Maori and PI citizens are being disproportionately electrocuted with the police's latest implement of control because they are over represented in crime statistics, just aren't thinking enough about what happens when police meets citizen.

Firstly a disgusting reality - that far too many of our police are foreigners recruited from england and south africa where their ability to learn and understand Maori and Pacific people is somewhat limited to say the least. Why is it that we have to import people to undertake one of the highest paid unskilled occupations left in NZ? Primarily because many of the New Zealanders being policed by this so-called service do not see the police as protecting or serving their communities. Combine that with a recruitment strategy that looks for people who may be brown skinned but who share the anglo middle class values the recruiters have and you might consider the police to be little more than the pointy end of a colonisation army.
I can't watch the reality shows on police that inundate us. If I see one more brown skinned kiwi going about his business being harrassed by some fat fuckwit with an unintelligible scunthorpe accent I'll smash the vid screen. I can't be the only person who finds this objectionable? Surely if the police can't find sufficient citizens to recruit it is an indication that the police needs to change more than the citizens being policed do?

58 of the citizens tasered had 'mental health issues' That says so much. I betcha mobs of those were brown skinned too. A copper who isn't fully across all the cultures of NZ probably won't detect he is dealing with someone who is ill. People in psychiatric crisis don't respond well to direction. They require time and energy. Coppers in a hurry don't like spending time and most of all don't want their mates to think they are soft so they electrocute the fucker. Rember de-institutionalisation was meant to stop us from frying the insane, it sure doesn't seem to have.

Mad peeps always get the worst of coppers. In another place another time I saw a bloke in full blown psychosis get shot with a proper gun by coppers who knew he was hallucinating but couldn't be bothered waiting for him to chill.
Now they are getting tasered. Remember we were told that these things would be used at times when a gun would otherwise have been needed. I don't remember 499 peeps a year getting shot by NZ coppers before the taser came out. It is obvious this is being used for social control. Get rid of em now.

That is unless they arm a couple a hunnerd special constables with tasers and send em down Vicky Ave n up Paratai Drive zapping all and sundry on principle. The principle being it is impossible to get rich without stealing from someone.

At 25/8/11 10:28 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Here's my thought . I can only have one a day otherwise I get a head ache . Ask yourself ; who , in New Zealand is most likely to get uppity with the Authority ? Maori people are . Maori are connected by their culture and family still . So when the need arises , so do they and off they march and I'm very proud of our ethnic brothers and sisters for that . That takes nerve and resolve . Psychologically , what might the Authority do to try to head that process off ? ( Phoebe , you'll know something about this process ? ) Show they mean business and by that , get out of line and we'll fuck your shit up as seen on TV ! ( I use popular American parlance because we're now Americlones , like it or not . ) . Make a fuss and we will shoot you , sometimes fatally . There's a raft of hideous and ominous reality cop shows on TV right now , all pushing the might of the Authority . If the Police can and will shoot you for going nuts , and lets face it . Don't we all feel like going nuts from time to time ? Imagine what they'd do to rioters , rioting against State Asset Sell Offs . Against power price hikes , the crime spree that is Super Market prices or the cost of getting into a house . It could go something like this " Fuck you Banks ! Fuck you Insurance companies ! ZZZaaapppp ! Argh ! Slump ! Twitch , twitch " Five years later ... Oh fuck ! It's so good to be back on the ' outside ' . A , not that implausible script for tomorrows New Zealand ? I think these shows give off a message . Keep your heads down and shut your mouths or else ! It's hugely important to remember that people are inherently Good . People don't want to see another person in pain or suffering or going without . People don't want to be disliked , undesirable , dirty , ragged or living with constant anxiety . Corporations by contrast DO NOT GIVE A FUCK about you ! Corporations by contrast in fact have found a way of capitalizing on the very things we fear and avoid , see above . Insurance companies LOVE societal violence and dysfunction and will openly peddle fear to sell what might be an otherwise unnecessary ' product ' . Insurance companies OWN the media , they sponsor the News and other social infrastructures like sports arenas . The Banks are money pimps who buy cheap Dosh off shore and flog it off to us at outrageously inflated prices and if you want to kick up a fuss about that , you'd best get used to your new frizzy hair style and having smoke , and not the good kind , coming from your sneakers .

At 25/8/11 11:52 am, Blogger Dovil said...

Oh, no, not foreigners? Are you kidding me? Slop clap for having no understanding of the police recruitment procedures, application process, training, or that like every other area within NZ that requires skills, there is a shortage, which for some reason you would prefer to leave understaffed than staffed with people with accents.

And yes 'mad peeps' as you so delightfully put it, do get the worst of it, because just perhaps they're also more likely to act in a way that is likely to cause harm to themselves or those around them.

Quite frankly this whole 'Police Love to Fry Maori and Pacific Islanders' piece is as much gutter journalism as I would expect from the likes of Fox that does nothing more than invoke an emotional response rather than a rational one. Incredibly disappointed because there is a story to be told.

At 25/8/11 2:20 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Yes there is a story to tell, and its the same old story its always been, Police power expanded at th cost of covil liberties protected by an authority worshipping mainstream culture.

At 25/8/11 2:50 pm, Blogger Dovil said...

Really? That's ALL you get from this? Wow. That's an awfully black and white viewpoint to hold.

You know why I hate conservative politics? Because more often that not it just takes a snapshot and say this is the way it is because that's the way it is. No stepping back, no context, no questioning. This is what you seem to be doing. You've picked a side, picked a narrative, and that's it. End of story.

It's grossly unfair, but not only that, it's intellectually dishonest. Maybe I just expect better because you've impressed me with how you've expressed yourself over other issues and maybe it's unfair because of the medium of being a blog it's a quick off the cuff response to a story that has only just come out. I don't know, it just feels a little bit too much like the flip side of a Herald columnist, but instead of emotionally gunning for welfare recipients it's the police instead.

At 25/8/11 3:37 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Lmao - well I'm glad you were slow to the debate on this one then D, you may have had a heart attack over my attack on th police over the way they beat Rawiri Falwaser in a police cell, or the killing of George Tipene Harris at the hands of a police beating or the off duty cops who only got convicted because they were stupid enough to beat up the son of a detective.

At 25/8/11 3:51 pm, Blogger Dovil said...

Again, how is this different from how the Right works?

A story comes out where a child suffers neglect at the hands of a beneficiary and next minute there's damnation of beneficiaries en mass and calls to end the benefit. How exactly is your emotive dehumanising 'Police Love to Fry Maori and Pacific Islanders' any different?

Same song, different side. Do you not get how toxic this is?

At 25/8/11 4:58 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Because I think the authority worship culture in this country needs a good hard kick to the head, and because the police are in an infinitely more powerful position than beneficiaries, so I don't agree with your analogy to begin with.

At 25/8/11 10:11 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

Police are given enormous powers with almost no oversight. Why are we following the American model on this? I remember the time I asked a detective who'd entered my property what he wanted and was answered with a kick in the balls. He was later attached to the United Nations War Crimes tribunal in the Balkans. I also remember when my son and a Maori friend were stopped by two uniformed police walking along Jervois Rd. The Maori boy was told Maoris didn't belong in Herne Bay and punched in the head for lying when he said he worked in Ponsonby, because "You bloody Mowries don't work, you're all on the dole or selling drugs." By the way, I'm pakeha. I could go on, but giving them all tasers is about the 417th step on a slippery slope.

At 25/8/11 10:55 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

There is no skill shortage in NZ there is no people shortage there is a training shortage. NZ never took a leaf outta the Oz book on anything yet they whine about not doing as well.
Back in 1990 when Johnny Dawkins and Paul Keating introduced the training guarantee act, the right there moaned and bitched nearly as bad as they do here. That act required all employers to train all staff each year. spending n% of the annual budget on skills and knowledge development of all staff or the employer would cop a surtax.
It came in and Oz hasn't looked back everyone upskills every year which means that employers don't have to send off overseas at the expense of locals.
Cause everyone is effected similarly it has no effect on domestic competitiveness which is the area where those costs matter the most.

Back to the police. Seriously does anyone imagine for one moment there are not sufficient kiwis capable of undertaking the role of copper? Especially if some investment were made in education and training?
NZ society has its own unique values and the role of police should be undertaken by people well versed in those values & a history of NZ society.
Otherwise the police become an army of occupation forcing alien values on locals.
Understanding enhances communication and reduces the need for violence.

At 27/8/11 10:25 am, Blogger countryboy said...

For all the focus on the details of the police electrocuting people , more often than not justifiably from what I've seen , I'd like to remind those who have yet to understand . The NZ police are charged with upholding the Law of the governmental status quo . If , as in the ' government ' we have , is sucking corporate dick while wiping their big flat feet on us , you could argue that it is the Corporations who , not only create miscreants as collateral damage from their psychopathic ventures but can rest easy knowing the NZ police will do their dirty work for them by proxy via governmental Laws and legislation , if needs be . This is the New World Order folks . The Big Wide World Inc . The only way to head this monstrous Corporate aberration off is to understand the nature of the beast . It feeds off us and as individuals we're sitting ducks . Private , armed security forces , private prisons , ID cards , car number plate scanning cameras linked to data bases ,brand spanking three day covert surveillance procedures , credit checks that can reveal your identity to any one who's prepared to pay for it ! And of course , everybody's favourite , a camera on every corner . This is the here and now ! You think it's poorly trained cops who speak in foreign accents that are the problem ? Who gives a fuck ! Rise above it ! It's what and who , who's pushing this along that should be the focus of any open minded thinker . And we'd better be quick smart about making plans to head it off or you won't be able to scratch your balls/vagina without a pre paid permit . George Orwell will be spinning so fast in his grave I bet there's smoke coming off his headstone . Rise above the streets ! Rise above it all and ask yourself ! Who , the fuck is behind all this shit ? Who or what is pushing us so hard against the wall ? For example , if you were to find out that an Uber Corporation was muscling it's way onto our beautiful land ... What would you do ? Get drunk and start a fist fight in a pub ? Lash out at a stranger in the street ? Be a dick and get tasered ? Leave for Australia ? Smack the missus ? You can do all those things ... but you can't fight the Corporate Master can you ? Not on your own . There in lies the rub . Personally , I can't wait for the global financial markets to collapse and fuck them all up . Then , we can all go about of business of enjoying or beautiful lives .


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