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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Patronage On Air [UPDATE: Patronage Off Air]

Steven Joyce gets his chum appointed to the NZ ON Air board:

Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman today announced the appointment of Ross McRobie to the board of New Zealand On Air.

Mr McRobie was formerly General Manager of the Radio Network in Christchurch for over a decade.

Like OMG coincidence au go-go... a decade... that was when Steven Joyce, the Cabinet Minister and Hollow Brain guru behind the National Party campaign owned the Radio Network wasn't it. Wow, NZ is a small place and everything, but what are the chances out of the 4.2 million people in NZ that Steven Joyce's management colleague gets that sinecure?

‘’Ross’s extensive knowledge of radio, business management and his wider business interests will add a useful perspective to the board,’’ says Dr Coleman.

Woops, he must of meant wider business experience rather than interests, because when he puts it like that it sounds, you know, conflicted. But whatever, it's all jobs for the boys and no-one cares because we've come to expect it and now accept it.

It's not a merit-based system it's a mates-based system. You can't get ahead in this country unless you are someone's mate. All the experience and qualifications and talent in the world - or even in the country - will never get you anywhere if you are up against someone's mate. That's the awful, demoralising truth facing school-leavers, immigrants and everyone on society's outer.

UPDATE: Tim FAIL. FAIL. Radio Network v. RadioWorks. Amateur mistake due to blind prejudice and a mad rush. It's always the rushing that results in errors and I should have recognised this at the time, and must endeavour to recognise it in the future to avoid a re-run of this embarrassment. But if David Farrar can do this sort of stuff all the time and survive so can I.

My apologies to Messrs McRobie, Joyce and Coleman and our readers.


At 17/8/11 3:05 pm, Blogger Paul McBeth said...

Uhhh, not quite on the Joyce thing - he owned RadioWorks and got squeezed by the Canadians. TRN is owned by APN, which is ultimately owned by the O'Reillys....


At 17/8/11 4:10 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Is it time for a Royal Commission of Enquiry into the relationships between Central Government politicians and the 'Private Sector ' since 1949 then ? I know , I don't ask for much but I wonder what might scurry from the upturned rocks ? Perhaps the Commission might find our missing billions ? Perhaps we're not living in a de-veloping country after all ? Perhaps there is money for health , welfare , infrastructure , the old , the young , for all of us . Perhaps we can learn how a successive lineage of crooks and swindlers have brainwashed us into believing we're getting what we pay for ? Perhaps we don't need to roll over and bare our buttocks to a Chinese totalitarian regime for crumbs ? Perhaps there is enough money to actually help the poor people who live in deplorable conditions in Christchurch as they try to survive on charity ? Perhaps they'll learn that our burgeoning prisons are filled up with people who are collateral damage of one or two people getting obscenely over-monied because the poor things suffer from a mental illness and that being the insanity of needing ever more until your bank explodes under the pressure of it all . I say lets do that ! Lets have a Commission of Enquiry ! Is your sphincter twitching Mr , Mr's and Ms Politician ? What have you got to hide ? What dirty little secrets keep you company at 4.00 AM ?

At 17/8/11 4:56 pm, Blogger Whaleoil said...

Help yourself to a big cup of FAIL Tim

At 17/8/11 8:01 pm, Blogger Shona said...

oh well Whale, at least Tim will never be unoriginal and forever unfuckable like you.

At 17/8/11 8:37 pm, Blogger fatty said...

Steady on whale blubber...you shouldn't be commenting on an article about incompetent nobs who are only famous for their connections.
I am surprised that daddy's little failure has managed to drag himself out of bed to string together 9 words, I must congratulate you there...you have done well today!

At 18/8/11 9:53 am, Blogger Peter A said...

Should we expect a correction/retraction any time soon of the plain and obvious error of fact in this Tim Selwyn article? It's already been referred to by Paul McBeth ... and is discernible in the wikipedia entry to which the author himself linked: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Joyce

"After leaving university Joyce and a group of friends (including radio presenter Jeremy Corbett) started their own radio station, Energy FM, in New Plymouth. With business partners, he built up RadioWorks over the next seventeen years, both organically and by acquisition, to a network of 22 radio stations and 650 staff. He retired as Managing Director of RadioWorks in April 2001, when CanWest purchased it, Joyce receiving $6 million for the sale.
After RadioWorks he joined the National Party, working as their campaign manager in both the 2005 and the 2008 general elections. He also served as CEO of Jasons Travel Media for two years until 2008."

Hello Tim? That's RadioWorks which Joyce owned with partners, NOT The Radio Network (TRN), a separate company of which Ross McRobie was a manager. Is that an important detail? I think it is.

I worked for TRN in news and current affairs for several years, and believe me, there was a difference.

- Peter

At 18/8/11 5:40 pm, Blogger Pine said...

the paepae? like paepae marae? wtf?! your gross right-wing pakeha blog is not even close to the real thing, what an horrible insult! i need to throw-up now...

At 19/8/11 3:49 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

OK. Wrong. Fail. Inaccuracy. Error. Have updated for apology.


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