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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The NZ Obscenity

It is an obscenity that there are 210 000 NZ children in poverty while the wealthiest 150 NZ families gained $7Billion on the NBR rich list in just one year - wake up sleepy hobbits.

John Key's bennie bashing, free market vacant aspiration isn't enough to even be called a plan. It's a rag of redneck bennie baiting social policy attracting the Shire Volk alongside manufactured chatter of fake rugby cups, All Blacks Jersey's and abstinence rings while a massive transfer of wealth to private companies occurs all of whom with a vested interest in their profit margin, not any social margin.

Why adopt more free market dogma when it was that Washington Consensus ideology that caused the crash in the first place?

John Armstrong's love affair with the Prime Minister continues today. His political columns have increasingly looked like the Heralds romance section as he flirts and whispers sweet nothings into Johns ear with columns as out of touch with the world as John Key himself has become. It's a world of unicorns and rainbows, where a bright light gleams from Key and the heavens part. Praising Key for bennie bashing while refusing to see that this is an ID Card plan that is being lined up to be rolled out by private companies that get a bonus for either finding an unemployed person a job or cutting them off for turning down a job offer. These cut off people suddenly become the invisible poor, not measured, not measurable, not embarrassing the Government with the grim reality of poverty in NZ.

Sanitized, that is what we are doing with Social Welfare, we are sanitizing it. We are doing a great job of hiding our social damage while leaving it to fester in a Darwinian economic survival of the richest.

If John Key's bennie bashing hatred mixed with privatizing the entire continental shelf of NZ is the answer, then you've asked the wrong bloody question folks.



At 20/8/11 2:14 pm, Blogger theorez07-12 said...

I left NZ for Australia a few weeks back because the general public feeling towards those of us who needed govt assistance was becoming downright SINISTER and because when i 'pulled my socks up' to find work there wasnt too much going(Dunedin). As I read the papers from Nz, it looks like the bennie-bashing is as rampant as ever and the neo-libs are getting fiercer and fiercer and increasingly arrogant with all the 'support' they get, and the kiwis just eat it all up. they never question it or look further into the REAL machinery behind it all. well, except you and your friends Tumeke....

At 20/8/11 4:53 pm, Blogger Tim said...

There's a fundamental problem here tho' Bomber. How nice it is for an intellectually vacant Proim Minster (basically lazy as his use of language can attest to) to be able to show his offspring how good he is to have saved them from all this turmoil.
Privatised welfare, philanthropy, all that crap gives them their feel good factor. (How the Hell have the Murry Party been sucked in by it all I ask)!
As you say (elsewhere) - all that complete utter BULLSHIT he and his spin doctors wish to put across (Like Pulla Bent): " I did it....so can you"; you can aspire to better things just like I did; I'm the self made "man"; etc. etc. - what's forgotten is that it was in an era when welfare was gold-plated and we ALL had bogs outdoors in the backyard.

The guy is a philistine (as is Pulla) - a used car salesman!. (Many have been sucked in by used-car salesman so they shouln't feel bad).
The fundamental problem is that the masses have been willing to swallow this tainted cum!
As long as they do.....more fucking fool them!
What interests me is that when they do wake the fuck up, the response wil be something like what we've been witnessing in Britain, and everyone will be standing round wondering how the fuck it all happened.
What's worse is the namby pamby opposition approach (GOFF et al).
The cnut needs a kick in the balls, and its not something a Harley Davidson can give him on a long distance journey.
Problem is, they're all still living in relative 'comfort'.
Jesus its pathetic!
Don't get me started on that pathetic Joyce fuckwit. He'd squeal like a mouse if and when he's ever legitmately confronted!
Fuk!....then there's the loiks of Nathan Guy ffs! I could go thru them one by one!
Right now tho' the opposition seems somewhat more pathetic than those that have ceased power.
Snore snore snore...hobbit....hobbit....hobbit

At 20/8/11 6:01 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

I've just had a grim realization ! Perhaps , just perhaps our ' leaders ' are just not that intelligent . Is not intelligence a balance between common sense , what ones learned added to ones heart , soul , spirit and an innate sense of what is good ? If Key is so out of touch , what the fuck is he doing to us in his ignorance ? Creating poor people , depriving them of a balanced view of life then torturing them with starvation , hunger , cold and a lack of hope ! Which he clearly is ! I feel like ringing someone ! I've worked down in there with the lowest paid , most poorly educated and most State dependent people who live in the most deplorable conditions of a subsistence existence and chillingly , they know absolutely NOTHING about politics or basic NZ economics much less be able to converse on such levels with their peers to organize any kind of action or to make an informed vote . They just eat less , live in their coats , take the bus or walk , pick up fag ends out of the gutter , drink meths and beat up the missus . The Right wing ... No ! Wait ! Fuck the Wings ! THIS IS FASCISM ! Call it what it is ! This - is - fascist ! The Right wing is pro capitalism correct ? The Left wing is pro Socialist correct ? One claims the right to work hard , gather up money and prosper . The Left wing believes that we should all work for the state and the state takes care of us all . Neither wing , left to their own devices will survive long before they spin out of control . ' Take any two people and you have three agendas . ' What's happening to us , in our rich and plentiful land is something else all together ! We've been fucked over ! We've been fucked over by ignorant , old boy connected fascists ! And I bet ! I bet you some of them get an evil thrill out of watching us suffer as we writhe in our mindless ignorance ! We have a rich and plentiful land and while some pant like idiots at the sight of a rugby ball , kids just down the road are going hungry ! Sleepy Hobbits you say Bomber . I say Zombies ! New Zombieland !

At 20/8/11 6:54 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

People on unemployment assistance, sickness allowance or the DPB have their incomes published out there for all to see and simultaneously look down upon whilst whining about how much teh parasites are being paid.

yet those doing the complaining deliberately conceal how little tax they contribute to our society

I was horrified to read that adidas haven't paid a brass razoo in tax for the last 5 financial years and would very much like to know how much tax alla those pious hypocrites on NZ's rich list are paying in tax. I was a government employee in another country in an isolated town of about 80,00 humans. Quite a few staff had worked in several different departments.
One day when we trying to suss out what to do about an employer who always demanded a wage subsidy for staff he hired then laid off when the subsidy ran out.
We tried hard not to give him any programs but he would run off to politicians whining that we wouldn't help him hire people in poverty or how none of the unemployed wanted to work.

One of my staff said "Oh Fred C. I used to have hassles with him at Industrial Relations. He never paid the award properly. Then another said "Fred no it can't be! Why are we giving him anything. He never pays his taxes. I know from when I worked at the tax office."

I grabbed a few files of our other recalcitrant employers - the ones who always tried to rip off training money and found that these same guys also didn't pay their taxes, often deducted paye and didn't pass it on or rorted gst, while they were running off to pols and the media to put the boot into the umnemployed, disabled, or single parents who were battling away to make ends meet.
Missed workers comp payements and staff wouldn't find they weren't covered until they had an accident.

Talk to anyone in the home handy man game you'll find that single mums on a pittance pay their bills well ahead of Remuera businessmen.
These psychopaths are the object of John Key's affection. The link to a herald article that tells us:
Psychopaths prefer commerce degrees - that's the finding of a world-first study examining university students' personalities and course preferences.

Victoria University students with higher scores for psychopathy traits tended to opt to study commerce, with law next most popular.

The peeps payin the most tax in NZ aren't the multi millioned assholes who whine about taxes and 'welfare' incessantly. No they would rather pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to accountants and lawyers to exploit the loopholes which labour and national pols have created for them, than honour their responsibility as citizens to pay tax. The top taxpayers are the handfull of senior public servants who can't wangle a consultancy deal.
Wage earners are ubnfairly taxed and those wage earners need to wake up and realise that the solution to budget deficits isn't cuts to poverty relief & tax breaks for the rich, cause the rich don't pay tax.
The solution must be to tax these loud mouths who boast their wealth in the media and then avoid their responsibities as NZ citizens.

Which brings me to the Herald's John Armstrong, a foreigner who flatly refuses to take out NZ citizenship.

Since he won't commit to the society whose political system he claims to report, how can any kiwi seriously convince themslves he is sincere about anything he writes?

I suggest all people concerned about armstrongs refusal to become a kiwi contact the editor and ask him why they hire foreigners for jobs that are so quintessentially kiwi.

At 22/8/11 12:27 am, Blogger Frank said...

From Anthony Hubbard on Stuff.co.nz;

"A loss at the election will give Labour the chance of a new start. In its second term, a National-led government will lose much of its shine. John Key's dominance will diminish. The expected return to growth now seems less likely. Stock markets are plunging and the major economies seem unable to return to health. Brutal government cost-cutting in economies such as the US and Britain – and New Zealand – could well prolong the sickness.

In that case, the political fight will be far more about the economy and much less about John Key. National's biggest asset will begin to shed its value. The smiley face might even become a liability, an empty grin amid the ruins. National's expected turn to the right – welfare cuts, asset sales – might add to the sense of woe. "

He has a point.

Though that behgs the question; why would the Middle Classes inflict a second term of Nation on us, when we all know that they will have had a gutsful by 2014, and will go running back to Labour?

Because we all know that Labour will clean up the smelly mess left by the Nats?! Oh, thanks very much. In the meantime the Nats will've hocked of our power companies to our American and Chinese cuzzies.

God, the Middle Class is so utterly thick sometimes.


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