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Monday, August 22, 2011

Noose tightens: rebels govt.

This looks like the end for Gaddafi now the rebels are taking action in the capital. Events are moving fast after Tripoli was cut off a few days ago.

How's this for the State TV news bulletin: a presenter brandishing a gun! Not going to get Simon and Wendy doing that anytime soon on TVNZ (no matter how much we may want to see it). This is a desperate hour for Gaddafi's hardline supporters. Their careers and wealth and security have been built upon the regime and killing sprees are no idle threat.

What is Gaddafi's exit strategy? Rumours of talks with rebels have been circulating for a fortnight or so and expect that some plan has been made to get out despite the rhetoric from Gaddafi's sons - one of whom has been captured. His message ends in gunfire, but reports are he is safe.
It has taken many months of fighting to get to this stage - the UK and others have already recognised the rebel government. The Arab spring is not yet over and attention will now focus on Syria where pressure is mounting to isolate that regime.


At 25/8/11 12:53 pm, Blogger Brewerstroupe said...

Pepe Escobar reports:

“Who are these people who suddenly erupted in joy on US and European television screens? After the smiles to the cameras and the Kalashnikovs shooting the skies, get ready for some major fratricidal fireworks….

A large Benghazi-based “revolution” sold to the West as a popular movement was always a myth. Only two months ago the armed “revolutionaries” barely numbered 1,000. NATO’s solution was to build a mercenary army – including all sorts of unsavory types, from former Colombian death squad members to recruiters from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), who pinched scores of unemployed Tunisians and tribals disgruntled with Tripoli. All these on top of the CIA mercenary squad – Salafis in Benghazi and Derna – and the House of Saud squad – the Muslim Brotherhood gang. …

Yet to believe that NATO would win the war and let the “rebels” control power is a joke. Reuters has already reported that a “bridging force” of around 1,000 soldiers from Qatar, the Emirates and Jordan will arrive in Tripoli to act as police. And the Pentagon is already spinning that the US military will be on the ground to “help to secure the weapons”. A nice touch that already implies who’s going to be really in charge; the “humanitarian” neo-colonialists plus their Arab minions. …”



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