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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Nation and q+a review

Q+A - 105 110
The Nation - 18 490 (their lowest rating EVER)

The Nation
This mornings The Nation is the worst yet, Tolley is on, the weakest Minister next to Kate Wilkenson yet on The Nation she gets away with murder! She gets away with gutting adult education, she gets away with gutting early education and she gets away with these bullshit National Standards which don't work and are only being introduced to create league tables to inject a false competition into education YET NONE OF THAT is covered. WTF?

The Nation can't be unaware of how much contempt the public hold for their none rating right wing bullshit current affairs that cost us over a million from NZ on Air, I was really specific in my speech at the CTU that Sean Plunket was at last Thursday what a joke the biased mainstream media he represents is.

Heather Roy is on bashing her VSM destruction of university student associations. Sean replaces Heather to attack David Do, they aren't even aware of the existing law around memberships. This is about destroying the conscience of society, as I pointed out at the select committee meeting...

...this is about killing off one of ACTs worst enemies, university student unions and the red herring of freedom of association is used to hide that this was a political patsy to Douglas to shut him up over flat tax, that of course is a joke because Nothing could shut Rodger up over flat tax.

Next it's an attack piece on Labour not having enough Asian candidates, if Melissa Lee and her block motorways coming from South Auckland crime policy is the example, then you have your answer.

Why do they call this 'The Nation'? Was 'irrelevant right wing baby boomer back slapping' already taken as a title? How can a current affairs show that is so blatantly right wing take so much tax payer money? It makes no sense, surely they can get McDonalds or something equally awful sponsoring this rather than the State, otherwise they're hypocrites aren't they?

Pity the story on Asian political aspirations seemed to miss the New Citizens Party an it's funding from Beijing, surely that's the most aggressive Asian political expression in this country yet The Nation manages to skip it? At least the pre-shot stories on The Nation used to be their best feature, stuff this poorly researched doesn't count.

The panel is 2 editors, SST and The Daily. They are so dry my remote control has died from dehydration. How did this barely rating show get a million from NZ on Air? How? It just makes no sense, in an election year no less!

Citizen A on Stratos TV will be adding Bernard Hickey, Matthew Hooten and Mai Chen to it's line up for the election.

WHAT A SHOW - Brash vs Cunliffe, Minto is on talking about Mana and more on Afghanistan, sweet Jesus you see why this rates almost 5 times more than The Nation.

It was great meeting Dr Jon at the CTU conference on Thursday, I am a fan of his straight down the middle intelligence, he is a great boon to this country's debate. He's joined by Helen Kelly and Michelle Boag.

Monologue is hilarious, best current affairs humor on TVNZ.

Such a shame Sir Paul Reeves, one if our strongest voices against poverty was buried the same week the right wing started their disgusting attack on the poor again, this time with poverty ID cards.

Afghanistan is up, Jon Stephenson gave a speech at Wintec School of Journalism this week (I'm their editor in residence this year) talking about what is really happening there, and I just spoke to Army friends off to collect the body of our latest sacrifice for this war of occupation, we should be ashamed as a country for propping up a corrupt regime while handing civilians over to known torture units. What on earth are we doing there?

Dr Jon points out this is just another Vietnam, Helen points out that it's the same Western narrative of killing for freedom and democracy. Michelle actually tries to defend this abortion, can you believe it! What a filthy little war monger, she says that we need to create war so our troops can have training!?!?!? How crazy is Boag? Her argument is 'give war a chance'. Ugly, so terribly, terribly ugly. Dr Jon points out that the Taliban have to be at the table to negotiate Afghanistan's future.

Brash vs Cunliffe on asset sale - this is current affairs at it's best. The Nats refused to turn up and debate the issue, which is funny because they claimed they wanted an adult discussion on this.

Little cowards.

Brash is looking tired, claims corporations are more efficient than Governments, my god, in the light of corporations melting down the economy of the planet in 2008, making that claim s like suggesting ADIDAS are brand management champions. This madness of selling our assets off will only generate 6 months of borrowing. Watching Brash claim that Labour are pushing populist nonsense after his race baiting racist adverts made me laugh long and hard.

Sorry, still laughing.

Cunliffe is on fire. Don on the ropes. Guyon throws in a dirty question about the latest right wing inspired attempt to destabilize Goffs leadership. Cunliffe bats it away. I love how Slater or Farrar brainfart on their blogs and suddenly it's mainstream media news headlines.


Just because we don't know who is our power company doesn't prove that we won't mind it being sold overseas. Why adopt more free market dogma when it's that free market dogma that has caused the recession? This will help mum and dad investors in overseas countries, not NZ.

Good to see q+a giving some exposure to Mana, seeing as they will cause the Maori Party collapse in the Maori electorates, which will impact on Nationals ability to gain a coalition partner. Minto comes across very measured and that will surprise many, he points out that Mana is a class party and points out that the weakest members of society are the ones hurting, not the 150 richest families that gained 7 billion in just one year.

Minto's polished, reasoned performance will make many in the political spectrum nervous. Good.

Guyon ends the interview by taking NZ TV back 50 years by asking if John is a communist. How embarrassing for TVNZ.



At 21/8/11 10:27 am, Blogger Allan Alach said...

TV3's fawning over Tolley was shocking on the news last night as well. They gave her an unchallenged platform to spout her nonsensical catch phrases, all carefully prepared by spin doctors. Regarding the Nats not turning up to debate the asset sales issue - what's new? Tt is obvious that their Crosby/Textor masters have developed avoiding debating facts as a policy. It is then not hard to extrapolate from there to a realisation that this is because they are working from ideology, not evidence. This is certainly clear in education, where they refuse to countenance any evidence against standards, and is now becoming very clear in their welfare policies. As in 2008, they are hoping that 'dog whistling', in conjunction with "John Key is 'hot'" will blind voters to the realities.

At 21/8/11 11:53 am, Blogger Tim said...

They all it "the Nation" because like a lot of other comfortable, complacent, unimaginative, superficially motivated journalists who've lost the whole idea of what a 4th Estate is, they simply re-cycle 'brand' names. When it dies a death because it becomes such a joke its no longer relevant, we'll probably have a "Meet the Press", or even another "Eyewitness", or some other trite brand. Talking heads, most of them!
On another note - did anyone else see the Jonkey talking about the death of our SAS soldier in the Ghan? It was like he was talking from an economic viewpoint: "Maiximising gains" etc.
What a frikken pillock of the first order!

At 21/8/11 4:00 pm, Blogger bchapman said...

Hey Bomber look at the bright side. The Nation (and NZ on Air) has such a low opinion of NZers that it produces a show of the lowest common denominator. Its TV for morons. If you don't want to think or challenge anything you are told- The Nation is for you. Like Fox News just allows you to reinforce your conceptions- simple clean and neat.

Given their low ratings though- you'd have to say the market for that sort of stuff in NZ is pretty limited.

At 21/8/11 5:36 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

I loved watching the blood drain from Holmes's fae as he felt his team losing control of the narrative as Cunliffe destroyed Brash. I hope the Nats in their increasingly overt move to Fascism are punished fo their refusal to be questioned in the media. Unfortunately, those sleepy hobbits aren't watching and so don't notice.

Re the 4th estate... Here part of an outburst from a Times sports editor lamenting his fellow journalists incompetence around the riots. The whole thing is worth reading.

"Unfortunately I don't think there's a will to understand in this country. And I also think there is an instinctive fear in some journalists – quite alot of them – to actually confront the preconceptions of the mass of the British public."

At 21/8/11 6:31 pm, Blogger pete3000 said...

just watched a tv3 beat up job on labour Masquerading as a news story shocking

At 22/8/11 12:23 am, Blogger Frank said...

I have to agree, Bomber - "The Nation" is just awful. It's how they DON'T ask the right questions that I find so damned tedious.

Q+A has it's faults, but they are still light years ahead of "Nation".

Verdict: given up on "Nation" and will stick to Q+A.


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