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Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Nation and q+a review

The Nation
They have climate denying nutter mad Lord Monckton on. WTF?

Watching a show as right wing as The Nation attempt to explain the failures of the free market meltdown is hilarious, it's like watching a panel of lepers attempting to judge a beauty contest. What the hell do these clowns at The Nation know? They've been championing the free market since the beginning and are attempting to explain the meltdown of their ideology now?

Like so man NZers, why do I bother watching this? Seeing as Rupert Murdoch is eyeing up buying TV3, how more right wing can the network go?, turns out the $43 million Steven Joyce lent the company he used to own against MOE advice to pay for Paul Henry to join radio Live! wasn't enough to keep Mediaworks from collapse. Watching The Nation you can see why. Will we get our $43 million back now?

China is on explaining why NZ shouldn't fear becoming the new Tibet of the South Pacific. The Nation obliges in a piece so uncritical I wonder if the embassy edited it first. What about the artists and bloggers you lock up China? No word on that? No questions on that?

Of course not.

When is Futurama on Comedy Central?

Now they have some economists on, seeing as this is a crises of capitalism akin to the 1929 collapse, this is all outside their paradigms. That is why they all look so confused.

Having the mad climate denying monk on is the intellectual equivalent of having a Holocaust denier on. A new low even for The Nation.

I'm watching Futurama. The Nation is a joke. Not a very funny joke. A pretty dumb, stupid one. Listening to Sean lie about supposed climate gate bullshit is beneath our collective intelligence.

Thank god Comedy Central have Family Guy following Futurama.

This just can't get funding from NZ on Air next year with ratings like this can it?

Can it?

If I want to know what The Nation thinks, I can just read the Herald or John Key's facebook page or National Party press releases. Can't wait till Rupert owns it, maybe Sean and Duncan will get replaced by Michael Laws and Paul Henry?

Seriously Richard, at least make the panel interesting, make Chris Trotter and Matt Nippet permanent regulars, if you can't make current affairs at least interesting via a panel of people with strong opinions, if it is just this dry dusty version, you could actually drop below what Citizen A rates, then how will you feel?

They are debating the price of Milk? In the week the economy melted down and the US were credit downgraded? How blinkered, sounds like the dull stuff pundit.co.nz bores us with.

The terribly safe Pagani is on with Katherin Rich and Jon Johanson.

Opening monologue is off and running. Goffs argument with Tucker is debated, they believe Goff, Keys letterman appearance is lauged at.

Milk chatter. Can't care when so many other issues are happening. As NZers we pay a massive environmental cost for dairy industry, tha cost should be factored into the domestic cost, that's the way to look at the milk cost issue. No more greedy farmers screwing the domestic market.

Guyon covers NONE of this.

Fonterra is simply too powerful to question properly, and q+a do a shitty job of holding the buggers to account. It's like an interview with the Government, but less milky white.

This is an industry as out of control as the mining industry in Australia is.



At 7/8/11 10:28 am, Blogger dave said...

Yeah these programs are total junk.
Where's Citizen A on Sunday morning? You would get a huge boost out of sheer frustration.
Except for that greaseball slater, he's an insult to everything that crawls.

At 7/8/11 10:48 am, Blogger Tim said...

Why doesn't anybody challenge Fonterra on why NZers have to pay a 'global price' for milk?
Aside from the idea that NZers should havew access at a reasonable price to resources actually produced here, Fonterra could justify their 'global price' bullshit IF and WHEN the rest of us are not effectively subsidising them. It's not JUST the financial cost of environmental damage having to be cleaned up (such as waterways and so on), but the long term damage, and depriving others of access to same because some milk producers and others have used them as a sewer.

At 7/8/11 11:35 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Q&A and The Nation are time bombs quietly ticking away . They'll be the authors of their own demise . Thank God they're clearly so bias otherwise we might be none the wiser . When we [Sic] spot something so appalling and untenable as a few dull sycophants preening their feathers on the tele , we [sic] should be secure in the knowledge that change is well on the way . They can only hide for so long . As someone once said ' You can't fool all the people all the time ... but you can try ' .

At 7/8/11 12:01 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

On another note ; ' Greedy Farmers ' you say Bomber . How about dumb cockies ? Try stupid , shit kicking sheep shaggers ? Country Clumps ' down on the farm ' could be another label . I was a farmer until my family was defrauded by The Bank in the late 1980's . ( Book pending ) . Live cows do shit , that is true . They're little more than a skin full of guts loosely held together by bones and sinew . They have mouth parts at one end and a large shitter at the other in case you haven't noticed . Unfortunately , the rest is biological . However , they and sheep are the grist that built Nu Zild and you'd best not forget that . Not Aucklanders nor you other polite city folk what with all your fancy music , film and coffee not to mention all your fiiiine degrees in this and that . ' Oh I have a Doctorate in dust don't you know !' After about three days of no food , meaningless shite , including most junk beginning with i will seem irrelevant . The truly greedy can be found in board rooms , whore houses and cocktail bars or behind the wheels of Fancy European Cars . A greed that makes what lurks within the cold , shit spattered cow cocky pale into insignificance I'm betting . Love your work though Bomber . Keep it up man !

At 7/8/11 2:54 pm, Blogger bchapman said...

I'm waiting for the NZ Jon Stewart to appear. Lampooning these guys would be like shooting fish in a barrel. A good news comedy show with a lefty twist would do extremely well in NZ at the moment.

At 7/8/11 5:40 pm, Blogger bsprout said...

Guyon never asks the questions I want him to and most National Ministers get a soft ride: http://localbodies-bsprout.blogspot.com/2011/08/price-of-milk.html

At 7/8/11 11:44 pm, Blogger Luc Hansen said...

Monckton's blabber consisted mainly of conspiracy theories, red herrings, esp the motive fallacy, and falsehoods.

Just who are the "usual suspects"?

One World Government? Sure, all these leaders, legends in their own states, are about to willingly give up their powers to just one, an anointed one, who will make them all irrelevant. A Tui moment.

In fact, that particular fuss relates to one word, the word "governance" in the small print of a draft that was intended to mean governance of the agreement, not of the world.

I actually looked it up!

Compare Sean Plunket's kid gloves treatment of Monckton to his mongrel attack dog trick on the inoffensive Grant Morgan, of the Gaza flotilla movement, to get a sense of where he comes from.

I could go on...and on...

By the way Bomber, you let Cameron Slater get away with a beauty a couple of weeks ago when he complained about some pro-MMP group indulging mainly in personal attacks! I mean, really, who is he to talk? His very next comment was to personally attack someone!

A big miss there, Bomber.

Keep up the good work.


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