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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Milking it

While capitalism went into meltdown as the death of a father of four by the British Police sparked night after night of rioting in England, one issue dominated the local media - the price of Milk.

Brothers and Sisters, I am not interested in the lame justification by the greedy farmers about why trying to determine the price of milk is a pointless exercise. I'm not interested in the opinion of a monopoly benefitting from it's monopoly. What's that you say Fonteera, 'no reason to look at how your position of dominance impacts on the consumers who live in the country where the product is made'? Well thanks for that, but let's have a wee gander at the counter argument which is, 'you should pay out of your massive profits a dividend which subsidizes your products for domestic consumption'.

Why you thunder should Farmers get a lesser price domestically than they can on the open international market feeding the newly middled classes in developing countries into dairy fueled heart attacks?

The Farmers should sell their milk cheaper to NZers because we already pay a cost in the production of this milk. The water rights seized from communities alongside the pollution this industry causes our rivers and lakes are costs NZers already bear and the lowered price of milk should reflect this cost.

No need for an inquiry, now pass the pop corn and let's watch frightened rich people on CNBC trying to convince American's that it's never been a better time to buy stocks.



At 10/8/11 11:44 am, Blogger AAMC said...

Otherwise, perhaps Fonteera and the farmers should be expected to compensate us for the externalities inherent in the production of their product, with which we could invest in clean up and technologies which will compensate future generations for the damage being done to the rivers and land they will inherit.


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