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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jenny from the Blocks

'Outrage' over $1000 a day pay for panel
The Government has been accused of double standards by refusing to fund legal representation for earthquake victims' families while increasing pay rates for quake recovery appointees to $1000 a day.

Former Prime Minister and Wicked Witch of the South, Jenny Shipley, the women responsible for dismantling the regulation that led to the leaky homes fiasco is now being controversially paid $1000 a day to rebuild Christchurch, do any of us think this is a good idea? With her track record of destroying regulation to the deep detriment of the country when it comes to building standards, should she be in charge of, you know, building a city?

Little Miss Cut Corners here is the last person we should be trusting with rebuilding anything especially seeing as she is head of the NZ China Friendly, friendly, friendly, friendly society whose mission is to help NZers accept their new role as the Tibet of the South Pacific. China want to be in NZ to test out their lowest cost capitalism model in a Western market and Jenny from the block wants to help them do that.

So who is the oversight on all of this? Oh God, it's King Gerry the 8th. So the architect of the leaky buildings is joining up with he who can side step Parliament, doesn't this have all the ingredients of a major clusterfuck? Surely all we need to do is make a quick nod in the direction of the Pike River Mine tragedy to get an inkling of what happens when you degrade mandatory regulation for self regulation?

While all this slumbers along, the good people of Christchurch wait.



At 3/8/11 5:26 pm, Blogger jane said...

Poor Canties...$1000 a day could be a little bit of an understatement...doesn't her handbag get it's own allowance?

At 4/8/11 10:59 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Oh My God ! This is like reliving an endless nightmare ! Have I died and if so , is this Hell ? I remember very well , the Shipley days . This brutal woman with her war crimes hairstyle lumbered into our lives as Prime Minister when New Zealand was butchered then reborn the Zombie State we know today . She's being paid a $ 1000.00 a day to turn Christchurch into Ashburton ! ? The slums of Phnom Penh have more soul ! God ! I don't believe it ! All I need to read is Ruth Richardson has become Governor Of The Reserve Bank and roger douglas is in with a chance to be next Prime Minister ! I have to go ! I need a bottle of Vodka and a wee lie down .


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