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Monday, August 08, 2011

I fought the Laws and the Laws lost

Unprovoked attacker hit like a girl - Laws
Broadcaster Michael Laws is sporting a black eye after he was assaulted in a Wanganui bar by a man he said "hit like a girl".

Dancing with scars?



At 8/8/11 12:54 pm, Blogger Wingate said...

Even beaten up he looks pathetic

At 8/8/11 1:49 pm, Blogger Rangi said...

Love the pic!

At 8/8/11 2:36 pm, Blogger vortex said...

that sure dont look like a girl hit!!

At 8/8/11 9:07 pm, Blogger merlene said...

hit him with your best shot.

At 9/8/11 9:36 am, Blogger alz said...

At first glance I thought the photograph was Alfred E Newman from Mad magazine

At 9/8/11 5:13 pm, Blogger Cole MacGrath said...

Read the article and notice how laws tries to insinuate that the attacker who was pakeha, musta been a mongie. That despite Laws seedy lifestyle being likely to have a number of blokes wanting to have a not so quiet word with him.

His attitude is so adolescent - alla the talk about 'blondes' etc as if a partner's attractiveness is a status symbol.
He has the act and the insecurities of the sort of bloke who dowsn't mind sticking his feet under another bloke's kitchen table.
If I had to guess about the motive of the perp I would pick that Laws' obvious need to boost himself by porking someone else's missus has instigated his pummeling.


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