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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Come on ACT do the right thing - for once!

Fate of justice bill in Act's hands
The fate of a controversial proposal that would potentially erode a defendant's right to silence rests with the Act Party, whose support is needed for the Government to pass major reforms to the justice sector.

Look, you won't admit it, but you've bled any credibility you once ever had over misreading your own corners of bigotry as mainstream opinion with your racist adverts, but here is an opportunity for you ACT to gain back some honour - don't vote for this abomination that would effectively equate to the largest erosion of civil liberties we've ever seen.

I note you have followed my advice and finally gotten Don to talk about debt and the economy (you know the thing you promised to talk about and not race baiting?) and you did a great job having Farrar seed the ground for Don by that patsy Tea Party bullshit post he did for Stuff.co.nz, so go that step further and actually do something that will live up to the principles ACT have always claimed they held and protect the citizen from an overwhelmingly powerful State.

These changes that Simon has tried to ram through must be halted. You know that the State can not be trusted with the types of legal power you would be handing them. Extension to absentee trials? No jury trials for crimes punishable by 3 years plus an extension list of crimes that can be heard just by a judge? Perhaps one of those Judges who were described in a 2009 report as being idiosyncratic, arrogant, inflexible and not up to the job intellectually.

You know these powers combined with denying the right to silence will radically alter the power dynamic between the individual and the State, how on earth can you freedom loving libertarians empower the State legally in this manner?

Do the right thing ACT, don't give the State these kinds of powers over the individual.

Live up to your logo.



At 11/8/11 2:33 pm, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

Unfortunately these awful people do live up to their logo, “Right” assuming the political meaning rather than any moral one. Libertarians should not support the Natz on this unwarranted attack on civil rights.

At 15/8/11 12:22 pm, Blogger Angel Gabriel said...

My God Bomber, look at who heads the ACT Party!! ACT has been absorbed by National - full stop! National won a major prize by the Coup `d Tait with Brash over Rodney the Hun!
Are you so blind as to not see the allignment signals in the Brash takeover? ACT is now the FAR right branch of National and is being played by both Key and Brash like a bloody yoyo so that National can pretend to be centrist on issues while at the same time pushing an under the table wink and nod to push the Globalist ideology of asset sales and asset stripping - pushing working NZer's further and further into poverty while driving all our productivity profits to the top! Look at the current happenings in the Financial Markets in the world, those who are promoting Globalism and the reduction of the privacy laws in the name of security are nailing the coffin shut on full employment and wholly vibrant Societies that can enjoy the wealth created through their collective production. Our wealth is being outsourced and our poverty levels are approaching critical mass, and you're begging NAT/ACT to do the right thing??? Is this a comedy blog?


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