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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Banning synthetic cannabis like banning knives in a gun store

Peter Dunne has managed to ban synthetic cannabis so that teenagers can go back to the real cannabis in our latest moral panic knee jerk that Peter Dunne always manages to find 3 months out from every election.

Brothers and Sisters, I can't get worked up about banning a substance that is yet to actually be linked directly to anyones death when alcohol and tobacco that are killing tens of thousands of NZers every year can be sold in every supermarket in NZ.

It's like having banning knives from Supermarkets while allowing them to sell fully automatic weapons.

Peter Dunne is so plankingly irrelevant that even his toupee wont accept his Facebook friend request.



At 3/8/11 3:00 pm, Blogger Brendon O'Connor said...

Finally someone who is saying, let up ban all (really) bad things ESPECIALLY Alcohol. Unless I am miss reading your intentions...

At 4/8/11 2:58 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Cost to NZ society from alcohol abuse: $4.4 BILLION (http://www.berl.co.nz/874a1.page)

Cost to NZ society from 'Kronic' abuse: Sweet FA?

So guess which one this guvmint bans?

Dear gods, the stupidity of this guvmint hurts my brain. Thank god New Zealanders are such a clever bunch that National and ACT will be voted out in November. *snort!*


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