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Monday, August 01, 2011

I have resigned as Rodney Hide's campaign manager as an independent in Epsom to work for Colin Craig

I love the ACT Party meltdown. I really do. The race baiting adverts, the squabbling over how racist they can be, 'white cowards', no Maori or Female candidates coming forward, and now news that dear old smack the kids for baby Jesus, Colin Craig is lining up in Epsom.

There is a God.

In the best tradition of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, I hearby drop resign from being Rodney Hide's Campaign Manager for his run as an Independent in Epsom and promptly announce my self appointment to be Colin's campaign manager...

Dreams of Act's demise
A millionaire who almost funded a new political party for Don Brash is now considering running against it - just to spoil its chances.

Colin Craig said Act - the so-called "party of millionaires" - was struggling for money and had come to him cap-in-hand asking for help. Instead of helping, he may try to destroy it.

The former Auckland mayoral candidate told the Herald on Sunday he had paid for regular polling to be carried out in the Epsom electorate. He said the result predicted an easy win for Act's John Banks, another failed mayoral candidate.

In last year's first Super City election, victor Len Brown got 221,000 votes to Banks' 161,000 - with Craig coming third with 40,000.

Craig said Banks would do much better in blue-ribbon Epsom: "If the status quo remains, Banks will get in by a reasonably clear margin. There is just no left-wing vote. The only thing that could put a fly in the ointment is a very serious conservative candidate."

Craig believes a serious right-wing contender could block Act from winning Epsom, meaning the party would die unless it got to five per cent of the votes. Asked if he would run for the seat, he said: "I wouldn't rule it out.

I quite enjoyed standing against Banks."

And as for the dysfunction within the ACT Party after it's racist implosion and corporate coup, I didn't think it could get much better than Rodney refusing to give his resignation speech as a reminder of the dirty way he was taken out, but it does - the dreaded midnight posting on by the campaign manager...

Questions have been asked of Act's campaign manager after a Facebook post in which she said some "dysfunctional organisations ... should be left to die".

Auckland-based Karen Bridgman made the comment on Facebook last week and was then asked to explain herself to deputy leader John Boscawen.

The statement, made at 12.18am last Sunday, read: "I love helping dysfunctional organisations. Some however are beyond saving and should be left to die."

Will ACT wither and die? The campaign manager for ACT seems to think so. Thank you Facebook. It's not just ACTs campaign manager who thinks they will wither and die, Colin Craig thinks so as well. If he enters the race against John Banks and his biographer with David Parker playing the conservative liberal, all Epsom needs now is Winston to step forward.

Gosh don't those hollow pronouncements by the msm last week in the wake of their cheap brainfart telephone polls soundly sound terribly disconnected with the political realities unfolding. With Mana going head to head with the Maori Party in the electorates, there is NO WAY the Maori Party will still hold those electorates, yet the msm always claims they are 4votes post the election and with Dunne on the ropes their predictions post election are sounding as vacantly optimistic as John Key.

Despite what the msm are claiming, this election will be far close than they are pretending.



At 1/8/11 2:16 pm, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

Ya gotta love those late night OTT FB posts! Other peoples that is, experience has taught some of us not to anymore!


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