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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ADIDAS - All Day I Dream About Scams

Adidas seem to have managed to exhibit all the business ethics of a Mexican Drug Cartel by justifying All Black Jersey prices $100 more expensive here in NZ, because we're rugby addicts.

By exhibiting the kind of self interest that would embarrass ratings agencies, Adidas are winning hearts and minds in NZ the way America is in Afghanistan everytime they accidentally bomb school children.

With 230 000 Rugby World Cup tickets still to sell and the cost of $39 million to the taxpayer likely to blow out, this Adidas Jersey debacle has left a bad taste in the mouth the way chlamydia does.

Seeing as Adidas seems to be the choice of sports wear for most British rioters, do we really want them associating with the All Blacks?



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