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Sunday, August 28, 2011

ACT Party List

No review of q+a or the Nation today, I'm up North plotting and will be about to announce a new disclosure on Tumeke regarding my immediate future, but it is interesting to note on this beautiful day that Cathy Odgers has missed out on a place on the ACT Party list in favor if Roger Kerrs wife, Cathern Isaac, that's the 'big secret' number 3 spot.

I have mixed feelings about that, on one hand Cathy's hatred of the poor and sad attempts to justify her hate made her about as appropriate as a political candidate as a brain eating zombie on meth. She would have been a nightmare candidate with scores of bloggers pouring over her posts finding crazy shit to throw at her, so from that perspective, you can understand ACTs reluctance to include her, but from the perspective of another example of bloody baby boomers rolling and blocking the aspirations of a fellow Gen Xer, it's infuriating.

All that's left for total ACT meltdown now is for Rodney to run as an independent in Epsom. Slater once said in Citizen A that the Left are great at looking after their own, while the Right eat their own. The manner in which Hide was shat on will have ramifications and the rumor mill is leaking left right and centre that Hide is considering it. Hell have no fury like a Rodney scorned.

If I were John Key, I'd be phoning the Greens on Monday.



At 28/8/11 4:15 pm, Blogger LiberalLeftie said...

This would have to be the quote of the day from the ACT list announcement: "Brash had hoped to see a Maori candidate in the top ten"

At 28/8/11 5:06 pm, Blogger phil(whoar.co.nz) said...

that's ok..i did one..



At 28/8/11 8:08 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"...but from the perspective of another example of bloody baby boomers rolling and blocking the aspirations of a fellow Gen Xer, it's infuriating. "

Got it in one, Bomber.

As we look back on the last 25 years of neo-liberal "reforms"; the canning of "Labour's" superannuation savings plan in 1975 (by Muldoon - after being elected by - Baby boomers!); and National's continuing popularity in the polls - it seems abundantly clear who is pulling the "strings". No, it's not Washington. Nor the Bilderbergers. Nor the UN/NWO/Illuminati.

The answer is mind-numbingly far more prosaic: it's us - the Baby Boomer generation.The 1960s and 1970s weren't just an "aberation" - they were a clear signal that the Baby Boomers had arrived; were incredibly self-oriented (hence the term the "Me Generation"); and we voted individually for personal gain - on a collective basis.

Yep. We have seen the "enemy" - and it's us, graying, self-centered, angry/envious at the young, and looking back at ourselves in the mirror.

The case of Surgeons Ian Penny and Gary Hooper, who tried to rort the tax system using Trust funds - even though they graduated BEFORE student loans and fees - is the clearest example ever at our unmitigated selfishness.

God, you've no idea how sick that makes me.

As for todays Q+A - it was pathetic. Phil (from Whoar.co.nz) is on-the-nail; the interview with Richard Wilkinson, co-author of "The Spirit Level", was amateurish and yielded little insights. Has Guyon actually READ the book??

Then on to the panellists; (Phil O’Reilly, Claire Robinson, and John Tamahire) it was clear to me that none of them had read the book and didn't have a f**king clue what Wilkinson was talking about. (Holmes even admitted as such!!)

My partner described the entire event as "verbal masterbation".


It was the nadir of television current affairs.

It was one of those teeth-clenching; head-shaking; face-palming moments, when you want to watch a TV advert for intelligent content...

If this is what passes for "serious" television in this country, then, folks, we are in serious trouble.

At 28/8/11 8:18 pm, Blogger frances jane said...

For a party of dusty old codgers
Jubilant on appointing a Rodgers,
to then choke their champagne
as she tripped on the plane
they could see she was only an Odgers

At 28/8/11 8:25 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Cathern Isaac who?

Google time, methinks.

As for ACT not opting to put Cathy Odgers on their List - no surprise there, Bomber. She's a liability even to the Right Wing, and Brash and his cabal of "advisors" knew damn well that Odgers would be an unwelcome distraction from ACT's "core" business of neo-liberalism and Maori/Bene/Crime bashing.

At 28/8/11 8:50 pm, Blogger dad4justice said...

I did wonder where the druggie link whore phool was lurking.
Yuck, better leave before I catch the Bomber Disease.

At 29/8/11 11:45 am, Blogger countryboy said...

What if we , us like minded souls , link together somehow and make up a lobby group to apply pressure , or in some way to stand up to those cunning bully's , our politicians ? They are there to take care of us and to protect us while we try to live out or lives in peace , prosperity , balance and in harmony with our environment . After all that is why we pay them . That is why we elect them . That is why we must be able to trust them . Clearly , we can't trust them with our money and our confidence . They don't protect us from the overtures of Big Business therefore we must protect ourselves and by doing this , we must stand up and go to a window and shout out ! ' I'm as mad as Hell and I'm just not going to take it anymore ! ' ( Film , Network ) There is a grave danger in over talking this neo-liberal fuck up ! The more we talk , the more they learn and the worse things get ! I remember once hearing an American comedian talking about the unarmed British policeman . ' How do they stop a fleeing criminal ? In American we say ' Stop ! Or I'll shoot ! In England they say Stop ! Or I warn you ... I'll shout Stop again ! Thoughts of how we get our country back should now preoccupy the thoughts of all you brilliant people . Some of the letters I've read here have surprised me with insight and enlightenment ( I hope that didn't sound arrogant ) but what I fail to see is a plan of action ! Nothing violent or riotous . Something brilliant and clever ! Come on ! How can we Out the bastards ? Or is that taking place somewhere and I've missed something ? Perhaps it's here ? Tumeke ! The spark that ignited the forest fire ?
Bomber . If you were john key , I'd urge you to make the best possible use of a TAX PAYER FUNDED ministerial BMW by driving it to an old fashioned cliff and mince off the edge .
Silly old Paul Holmes ? Oh dear . You have to admire him for his reckless honesty . About the Professor " I hardly understood a thing he said . " Ha hahah !
Come on guys ! What can be done ! I can just see Petra Baghaust holed up in TV Ones studio brandishing a pistol and looking like a startled sea anemone as she vows allegiance to Everything Corp' . Honestly , her clothes are a crime against humanity ! Clearly , someone in wardrobe doesn't like her much .

At 29/8/11 1:23 pm, Blogger Cactus Kate said...

"missed out"? If indeed Ms Isaac stands I shall not be missing out at all. I shall be very happy. I have been encouraging her elevation all along over two sitting MP's.

Your co-blogger Tim is far more astute than you in relation to strategy Bomber. Sometimes you don't have to appear first to win.

You may like to go back in your archives and dig up what you have already written about Ms Isaac in relation to welfare policy.

At 29/8/11 2:49 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Cheers Cathy, I'm writing my 'from a candidate that describes the poor as the pathetic heaving underclass to a candidate wanting to crucify the pathetic heaving underclass - the ACT Party meltdown continues' blog tomorrow.

I like the spin you are putting on this Cathy, but it's weak. You never imagined ever having to justify your hateful comments, and scoffed when I challenged you on them, but I think you secretly regret using that type of language now and realize it's harmed your reputation. Likewise your beloved ACT is in meltdown with the entire thing now more a political joke than political party.

I was so disappointed with you Cathy and made sure every journalist I knew within the tiny Mongolian broadcasting influence you claim I hold was aware of your hate monger comments because it was a personal disappointment. Ever since Uni, even I had to concede you had talent, yet how easily you slipped into the same naked Bennie bashing crap was beneath you. You were supposed to be better than this. You weren't.

Thanks for the advice on Strategy, but with ACT in decline and Mana on the rise, I'll take my own counsel.

At 29/8/11 3:28 pm, Blogger Cactus Kate said...

Is that a statement or a question Martyn?

You are still not getting it.

Today I put my suit back on, went back to work and made more money than I had yesterday.

You are still bleating about things I have written on a blog and will never retract. Ever.

End result the two weakest anti- welfare proponents Roy and Calvert are gone. Perhaps the strongest advocate of welfare change comes in.

And you still can't decide whether you wanted me in Parliament or not.

If I have somehow "missed out" then let me miss out every day of the week.

At 29/8/11 3:34 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Oh Catherine, if this is the best spin you can put on this political abortion, you keep humming that tune mate.

At 29/8/11 4:39 pm, Blogger Marty Mars said...

"I'm up North plotting and will be about to announce a new disclosure on Tumeke regarding my immediate future,"

I hope it is some TV deal where you get to dish it out (which I enjoy and where your strengths are) - a political satire show would be great - you could own the airways with something like that and you would be good at it.

I don't mean to be mean but I hope it is not related to Mana.

At 29/8/11 9:20 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"Today I put my suit back on, went back to work and made more money than I had yesterday."



In X-years, you'll be dead and rotting in the ground. Your money will be useless.

The question is, though, what did you do to leave the world a better place?

"I Made Shitloads of $$$" somehow doesn't seem a memorable epitaph.

Word verification: "ching" (I kid you not.)

At 30/8/11 11:07 am, Blogger Tim said...

@ Frank: TRUE THAT: (The answer is mind-numbingly far more prosaic: it's us - the Baby Boomer generation.The 1960s and 1970s weren't just an "aberation" - they were a clear signal that the Baby Boomers had arrived; were incredibly self-oriented (hence the term the "Me Generation"); and we voted individually for personal gain - on a collective basis).

Collective Guilt would be a fine thing!
What's worse is the example set - I just walked to the supermarket, on the way witnessing a vehicle driven by the worst of 20 something stereotypical blonde bimbo with a ruddy great "BOTOX" promotional monica on the side.
But... Whilst the Baby Boomers might have initiated the "me generation", what's sad is that their offspring don't seem to have reacted to it or protested against it.

As for Q+A - wtf!!!!! Why the hell does Jonassen indulge them (oh - that's right - he's got to earn a comfortable crust too!)
Come on Jon! - tell that pathetic flabby little egotist Holmes about a reality that's closer to yours and give him the flik - you're not that desperate are you? - or are you too busy trying to "engage"? No...your excuse is probably that you've "grown up" = BULLSHIT.
Jesus wept! What is it (with you and your indulging the likes of Holmes)? Pity?

Isn't it amazing how all those baby-boomer protesters - exclaiming how "they've paid their dues" - have now all assumed a divine right to try and dictate; assume a level of superiority; try and convince they know better (when their record clearly shows they don't).

It reminds me of the baby boomer generation I grew up with in the knob suburbs. Out protesting every week, imbibing sex-drugs and roknroll as teenagers, then taking their laundry home to mummy to do at weekends.
Onslow College....fashionable politics....rah rah fucking rah - most of whom are now either dead, or are amongst the most obese, ugly looking right wing little facists the world has produced. I know see them pop up with their little Martinborough (or elsewhere) "weekenders" - MOST getting there by way of utterly oversized SUV's. Show me one that hasn't got a plasma; or a daughter with "issues" (eating disorders or otherwise); or a son struggling with his "identity" (homosexuality or otherwise); a wife off on her mid-life "toyboy" crisis while hubby deals with his own; a "green footprint" that is probably 100 times what they hoped for.
What a fucked up generation!
I thought my forebears were fucked up - I realise now that they were ONLY racist.
Q+A?....The Nation? (and there's a story of a talking head desperately looking for a scoop at every turn in the pursuit of self-aggrandisement)!. I'd rather listen to a Laidlaw who at the very least is past caring about his image (it isn't pretty).
Frank: the Baby Boomer generation WOULD have to go down in history as one of the most incapable (at anything).
Even honesty is now a product!


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