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Friday, July 15, 2011

You Mr Key have misjudged the NZ character over Capital Gains Tax

Labour banks on voters 'doing right thing'
Labour has staked its election chances on an appeal to New Zealanders to "do the right thing" by accepting new taxes as the right economic medicine and to fund "a fair go" for struggling families.

Mr Key has misjudged the egalitarian nature of New Zealanders. A Capital Gains Tax is not the bogeyman he and his wealth class are attempting to spin it as, New Zealanders accept their social obligations because those obligations have been forged in fires far deeper than John Key's multi-millionaire pockets.

On the battlefields where New Zealand's honor was tested, when the rich and the poor of New Zealand stood shoulder to shoulder and held the line - where the responsibility of democracy was equally shared, so to THEY decided will the fruits of that democracy be equally shared.

Our redistributive tax system that is the backbone of our egalitarianism can not be easily swayed by the vacant optimism of the free market that so kindles the light in our Optimist Primes eyes. We see the poverty, we see the need in our fellow citizen and we see the corporate welfare that has replaced social welfare.

This election will be for the ideological heart and soul of New Zealand, and come November we will see if those bonds of social obligation go beyond the empty aspiration of the elites.



At 15/7/11 8:22 am, Blogger A Paul said...

Ae tika tonu ... corporate welfare has indeed replaced social welfare and our so called leaders, especially in our tribal structures are espousing these sorts of ideals! But it is on the backs of our peoples sweat and heartache and settlements that these new so called leaders are forging ahead with corporate principles and values. Enough is enough whanau, let us get back to whakapono me whakatika. Ka tu matou, ki te korero ki a tatou, mauri ora!

At 15/7/11 8:31 am, Blogger Julie said...

So succinctly put Bomber! Decisions go deeper than pockets. If anything, the Labour initiative is not bold enough but it is a start.


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