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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

With extremists like Don Brash, who needs hate monger cathy Odgers?

Last week I suggested appointing a hate merchant like far right blogger Cathy Odgers as an ACT Party candidate when she advocates sterilization bonus programs to stop the pathetic heaving underclass from breeding (her words not mine) was too extremist for NZ politics.

Whanau I have to take that back.

Who needs an extremist like Cathy Odgers, when Don Brash will do. In his 'little hitlers speech' to the National Party in gumboots Federated Farmers last week, Don Brash vomited up a whole list of debunked climate change denial bullshit that only your slightly racist Grandad believes after listening to Leighton Smith on ZB for a couple of hours.

The Thames freezing over, medieval warming, Romans growing grapes, and the claim that a rise in temperature would be good thing are all Climate Denial Lies 101 that 5minutes on the internet can all conclusively debunk.

Alan Gibbs, the money man behind Don Brash's coup is also the man who alongside crazy climate denier Lord Monckton is a policy analyst on the climate denying front group 'International Climate Science Coalition'. In 2008, Alan donated $100 000 to ACT, it was after that donation that ACT dumped their 'smart green' environmental policy and started promoting climate denial bullshit like C02 isn't pollution, it's your friend.

Let's get this straight:
Corporate climate denier donates money,
political party changes it's policy to climate denial,
and now the man who donated that money has put his candidate into power in a corporate political coup to regurgitate climate denial fantasies.

Where is the mainstream media in this?

Well the mainstream media couldn't cover this story much, because Happy Fucking Feet swallowed some sand and needed on the hour news updates during his surgery.



At 6/7/11 1:38 pm, Blogger apple cheeked, potato shaped girl said...

I think Brash selling party policy is old news anyway.

I wonder if people don't pay attention to this stuff because they believe right wing nutters are in the minority.


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