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Friday, July 01, 2011

Why we are banning tobacco in Prisons

Let's be clear why we are banning tobacco in prisons. It is NOT for the health of the prisoners. We are banning tobacco in prisons, not because the State gives a damn about their health, they are banning tobacco because they received legal advice that the Government would be opening itself up to second hand smoke cases due to their double bunking policy.

That's right, it's a way to cover the Government's arse for their overcrowding policy in prisons which see our incarceration rate as one of the highest in the developed world. Now it's a private prison with a profit motive NZ has to endlessly feed the beast with more and more citizens for longer and longer sentences.

That's a lot of angry double bunked prisoners who have all had their rights to vote stripped from them and has all the ingredients of a prison riot.



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