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Thursday, July 14, 2011

When it comes to the NZ Police, Tiki Taane really did sing the right song

Bloody NZ Police eh? You would think that in the case of their brutal bashing of a guy with Asperger's syndrome in the wake of the Christchurch earthquake that they would reflect on their bashing of someone with mental capacity issues and back down.

But not our boys in blue, not only are these basher cops refusing to drop the trumped up charges of 'looting' two light bulbs against Cornelius Arie Smith-Voorkamp - They are now launching an investigation into TVNZ for highlighting their bashing.

No way.

Top that off with the NZ Police harassing Mana Party members and Union activists at home alongside all the new Police search and surveillance powers whereby the Police can break into your home, plant spy cameras and spy on you for 3 days without a warrant and I think we've reached the tipping point where by we should start examining whether or not NZers have been conned into giving the NZ Police too much power.

We all know that we should all collectively be a wee bit ashamed of ourselves for allowing the Sensible Sentencing Trust to hijack the law and order debate into one giant prison cluster fuck, perhaps we should start asking questions as to how much power we've accidentally handed over to the Police because allowing the cops to threaten the media for an expose on their bashing of someone with Asperger's surely suggests a Police force that needs to be reigned in.

Talking of which, isn't incredible that we have just had the largest erosion of our civil liberties get one step closer to becoming law without our media attacking the Government?

How Simon Power has managed to piss on the Magna Carta and abolish Jury trials, abolish legal aid independence, create absentee trials and video linked desensitization without one mummer from the rest of you is testament to the old saying, 'there's nothing as stupid as a NZer'.

These changes to your legal rights have nothing to do with the quality of justice and everything to do with cost cutting so that the court system becomes based on mercy by the pound, Justice without the annoying cost.

For crimes punishable by up to 3 years jail time there will be no Jury, just a Judge. Perhaps one of those Judges who were described in a 2009 report as being idiosyncratic, arrogant, inflexible and not up to the job intellectually.

We are building a corporate prison nation, minus the legal safe guards while expanding unchecked Police powers. Shhhh, stay stupid and here's the rugby world cup.

When it comes to the NZ Police, Tiki Taane really did sing the right song.



At 14/7/11 8:05 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."
Benjamin Franklin


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