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Friday, July 01, 2011

Welcome to Paula Bennett's mega babyfarm nightmare

So here's the great plan. Babyfarms. New legislation has allowed the Government to vastly expand minimum level childcare centers from about 50 kids to 150 while lowering the age so 1 year olds can be included as part of the force-solo-mothers-back-to-work-when-infant-turns-one-draconian-crippling-of-the-Welfare-State-bennie-bash.

Which raises a very good question, in light of Dr Gluckman's research (which disappointingly seems to be utterly ignored by National) pointing out how crucial those early years are a child's development, shouldn't a 1 year old be with one of the parents rather than a lowest cost babyfarm?

Will we see a sudden rise in these types of cases under the Paula Bennett's mega babyfarm nightmare?

Drugs, abuse among child-centre complaints
Early childhood education staff taking drugs and abusing children make up some of the 237 complaints brought against ECE services last year. Of the complaints, the worst include "sexualised play", a 21-month-old child choking on a crayon and requiring CPR without the mother knowing, and a centre owner allegedly smoking P. Of these complaints, 23 were not upheld.

1 year olds should be with a parent for bonding purposes, they should not be handed over to cheaply run babyfarms.

This road goes only to madness.



At 1/7/11 12:34 pm, Blogger JonL said...

TO madness, Martyn.
This road surely IS madness!

At 1/7/11 2:53 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

I was lucky enough to be able to talk to a person , now a district court judge about the collateral damage from poverty . I asked this person if she / he thought Neoliberalism had become a production line for sociopathic behavior . He / she categorically said " Yes , absolutely ! " . fueled by that I wrote a letter to the then Minister of Police , Annette King and asked ' Have you heard of neoliberalism and if so , do you think it's [sic] become a production line for sociopathic behavior ? " I included a brief paragraph to explain the context of my questions . Her response was to send the police from the local precinct down to ' have a chat ' ! ' What are you doing complaining about a lack of policing in our precinct to the Minister , asked a giant blue man ? You could have come directly to us at the station . At my bewildered request he produced a paper containing my email , minus the explanatory paragraph ! It's my view , the Ministers office deliberately made my letter look like a complaint about a lack of policing ! My feeling was I had just been softly threatened . Later , I asked Lianne Dalziel , opposition Minister of Commerce and Justice where our ( NZ'rs ) money was . I pointed out that we , us Kiwis have a huge country per head of pop' , produce vast quantities of export goods , have equally vast amounts of resources but best of all , there's only four million of us ! I reiterated ' Where the fuck is our money ? She replied ' I don't know .' Our non-rich kids are being farmed , framed and fucked by the decile system . They're being set up to fail . We , us Kiwis are being abused by these neocon fuckers and they should be very , very thankful we're not Greeks . I'd suggest a Royal Commission of Enquiry and to ask the Swiss if they've seen our missing billions ?

At 1/7/11 4:19 pm, Blogger Gosman said...

Got to love your paranoid ramblings countryboy.

At 1/7/11 4:28 pm, Blogger merleneshedlock said...

We do not have to be Greek to protest. In the domino effect we will be rioting, it's not a question of 'if' but 'when'. First Egypt, then Syria, then Spain now Greece, London have had a few riots as well.

At 1/7/11 8:04 pm, Blogger Brendon O'Connor said...

I have to disagree with you over the suitability of babies being in childcare. I would have preferred that we didn’t have to put our children in childcare which we did when they both were about 12 months & 16 months old, but we could not survive on a single income. I however didn’t see it as the government’s role to enable us to be able to stay at home longer than we did with our children. The point is our children have developed well socially and it seems that it has done them no harm. The points I agree with you on are it is essential that the early childhood education centres are of good quality and well-staffed with qualified staff. They also should be more affordable. Our polis want it all ways. Slap the babies in the baby farms as you call them with less government money and less qualified staff. These are the bottom lines we should be working on. Anything less should be unacceptable to a caring society.

At 1/7/11 8:07 pm, Blogger AAMC said...

Well, where is our money Gosman?

At 1/7/11 9:47 pm, Blogger Justadad said...

Just a point in law: Parents are required to provide supervision for their children untill they child is 14 years old.This is a legal requirement.I do not believe that they can be compelled to hand this legal responsibility over to anyone else except the child's school as children are legally required to go to school.Therefore one parent is legally bound to provide supervision and care for their children at all times other than between 9am and 3pm.
I believe that sole parents can make a legal challenge to any requirement for them to work outside school hours by work and income.Any attempt to reduce their benefit for not working outside these hours is forcing sole parents to break the law.And Work and Income can not require sole parent's to leave their children in the care of anyone else other than the other parent.

At 3/7/11 10:35 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Thanks gosman ! I take that as an abstract compliment ! But you're wrong . You don't have to love me or my writing so you can stop worrying your pretty little head about that .

At 3/7/11 7:33 pm, Blogger jane said...

countryboy is totally right, this is a vastly rich country, even with the pathetic wool prices, hell, every gangsta should be driving a merc; as for childcare, well that's classic work & income catch 22, it is illegal to leave children unattended; and they just go yeah/nah at the desk, go work in a whorehouse, prostitution is legal now


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