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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spy: schmy. Sovereignty: schmovereignty [UPDATE +video]

Is it not in "the national interest" or is it not in Israel's interest? Or is it not in NZ's national interest to do anything against the Israeli national interest? Is that why the PM is mute and has made no attempt to dissuade or admonish another Mossad intrusion? Why is he placing NZ on the Israeli side and letting them degrade NZ by another sovereign humiliation?

Are we supposed to believe the Israelis? - obviously not after last time when two of their agents were caught trying to get NZ passports. Are we supposed to believe the PM? - the Jewish PM coincidentally - when his party invited the Israelis to establish an embassy in Wellington and have been on such good terms that while the IDF were massacring there way through Gaza using banned chemical weapons on UN schools and blowing up their parliament amongst many outrages the NZ Foreign Minister couldn't be bothered even commenting on it? Do we believe those guys? There must be very strong links between the Israelis and the Tories - even more than with Labour.

The NZ government doesn't want to mention that the Zionist state is a racist colonial aggressor, because NZ itself is a racist colonial aggressor. NZ is in the same club as Canada, the US and Australia when it comes to that. NZ is guilty of voting at the UN for the establishment of Israel - something we had no right to do - and each successive NZ govt has kept that line regardless of what atrocities and war has flowed from it. With the Nats long-standing bully-worship of the USA (and their proxy Israel) that isn't going to change no matter how many passports they filch and how many spies they send here.

We cannot believe Israel and we cannot believe our own government as long as they are in cahoots. Are we seriously supposed to believe that Bibi was frantically redialling every minute, and that an Israeli clean-up squad had been dispatched almost as fast as the others in the crew had scurried out of the country and this wasn't a Mossad thing?

John Key comments (NZHerald) youtube:
Exploited by Israel - the modern day Apartheid state - and we do nothing. The NZ government is part of the Israeli network of support that allows them to act as international terrorists - or in this case conduct yet more espionage - without any heed of the rule of law and under the cover NZ helps supply of being a legitimate state. And all because that's what the Americans want.

NZ doesn't really have a foreign policy as such - we like to think we do because we told the Yanks not to bring their nukes here, but it is days like this that we are reminded that our foreign policy is to do the bidding of our supposed superiors. Our foreign policy is whatever the Israels tell the Americans it should be. The NZ delegation's collusion in walk-out stunts whenever one of Israel's enemies speaks at the UN is evidence of how totally baseless our claims of independence truly are. Our leaders have sold us out to other leaders who have sold others out and the NZ official stance on Israel confirms that this is the strategy. Oh for some backbone.

It was the Labour government that threw out the representatives of the Afrikaaner slave state when they won the election in 1984 - what will Labour's policy be towards Israel now? Unfortunately their last leader just let the passport case slip and the result of letting them off lightly is no surprise: it happens again. And it will keep happening until we put our foot down and boot them out.

Israeli identity theft likely - expert:

Claims of "suspicious" activities by several groups of Israelis following the February 22 Christchurch earthquake left the Israeli ambassador "angry and upset", according to the newspaper editor who broke the story this morning.

Southland Times Editor Fred Tulett is unshakable in his conviction that the facts are accurate.

The story claims the activities of a number of Israelis following Christchurch's February earthquake raised the suspicions of the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and sparked an investigation into the possibility the police national computer may have been hacked.

From DPF's twitfeed:

Fred Tulett has done a great job on this exposé:

The Security Intelligence Service ordered the checks as part of an urgent investigation of what one SIS officer described as the suspicious activities of several groups of Israelis during and immediately after the earthquake.

Three Israelis were among the 181 people who died when the earthquake destroyed most of Christchurch's central business district on February 22. One was found to be carrying at least five passports.

An unaccredited Israeli search and rescue squad was later confronted by armed New Zealand officers and removed from the sealed-off "red zone" of the central city.
Key also insisted there had been no misuse of New Zealand passports but when asked to confirm one Israeli had five passports he would only say he was aware they had several in their possession but refused to elaborate.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Key four times on the day of the earthquake but Key would only discuss part of those phone calls, which he said were to offer help and advice.

He would not discuss other aspects of the calls.

But when asked repeatedly if the Israeli government had done anything wrong he would not answer, saying it was not in the national interest for him to do so.

What happened in CHCH:

Three people who had smashed their way out of a van crushed by a concrete pillar in the central city, leaving a fourth person dead in the vehicle, arrived back in Israel.

Those four Israelis – Ofer Benyamin Mizrahi, 23, from Kibbutz Magal near Haifa, Michal Fraidman, Liron Sade and Guy Jordan – would later become a prime focus of the SIS investigation, along with the Israeli search and rescue squad and a group of forensic analysts from Israel that worked in the Christchurch morgue helping to identify earthquake victims.

The four, two men and two women, had been shopping in the central city on the morning of the earthquake and had returned to their van, parked in Gloucester St, when the quake hit. Mizrahi, the driver, was killed instantly, and Jordan, in the front passenger seat, smashed a window and climbed through the hole to escape. The two women, Fraidman and Sade, who were sitting in the back seat, also managed to crawl out.

They were unable to reach Mizrahi and, after taking photographs of the crushed van, made their way to Latimer Square, where Israeli officials had set up an emergency meeting point. Within 12 hours they had left New Zealand.

On Sunday, February 26, Mizrahi's body was recovered from the van and taken to the morgue where, during routine identity checks, he was found to be carrying at least five passports.

Meanwhile, the search and rescue squad dispatched from Israel had arrived in Christchurch but the offer of help was rejected by New Zealand authorities because the squad did not have accreditation from the United Nations.

According to Israeli newspaper reports, the squad was being funded by the parents of two other Israelis killed in the earthquake, Ofer Levy and Gabi Ingel, both 22, who were said to be in New Zealand on a backpacking holiday. The parents made repeated public appeals for the Israeli team to join the rescue, appeals that were dismissed by the New Zealand authorities until squad members were discovered in the sealed off "red zone" of the central city.

It is understood the squad members were confronted by armed New Zealand officers and removed from the area. That confrontation is understood to have led to intense diplomatic exchanges between New Zealand and Israel, though police have refused to comment on the incident or even acknowledge that it occurred, and the Israeli ambassador says he had not been advised of any such incident.

Another Israeli group, a forensic analysis team sent by the Israeli government, was welcomed in Christchurch and worked on victim identification in the morgue.

However, the SIS also began to have suspicions about this group when it began investigating possible links between the cache of passports found with Mizrahi, the immediate flight of his three companions, the high-powered Israeli interest shown in the earthquake, the unexplained behaviour of the supposed "search and rescue squad" and a mysterious seventh Israeli, in New Zealand illegally, who was first reported missing in the quake and then, weeks later, was reported to have left the country. They were also interested in the Facebook tribute page set up for Mizrahi that has attracted only five "likes" in the more than four months it has been on the social media site.

When it was realised the forensic analysts could have accessed the national police computer database, an urgent security audit was ordered.

As the SIS officer explained, it would take only moments for a USB drive to be inserted in a police computer terminal and loaded with a program allowing remote backdoor access.

UPDATE 2:50pm: Yeah, Phil, demanding answers is one thing, but will you actually do anything about it if you win in November?
UPDATE 4:15pm: A statement from the PM:Let's get into what John Key has claimed now and what he was saying earlier in the video above. He now claims in this latest statement that it was the "rapid departure" of three backpackers that alerted NZ authorities that something wasn't kosher. That's almost helpful, but what's the full picture?

Why would three Israelis trying to leave quickly - rapidly - be suspiscious? Why would the flight from an earthquake zone of overseas survivors be suspiscious and raise concerns? Obviously something wasn't right with this group - either multiple passports triggered something or even amid panic and chaos in CHCH airport they couldn't keep their cover? The sad consequence is that because compulsory militarism is part of the Zionist entity's existence every Israeli in that demographic will be assumed to have been assessed by Israeli intelligence for their potential to carry out espionage. If they have done military service then maybe they are Mossad. They like it here, they can't help themselves - are we supposed to forget that? But what point is our (apparently quite good) detection at the gate if they are let go at the top of the chain of command?

The fact is earlier Key made it clear he had discussed "other matters" with the Israeli PM in their conversation... conversations plural? Other stuff that was against the National Interest - not just shit about Christchurch. It's that stuff he won't comment on.

Key's statement: Mr Key also moved to correct points raised in the media concerning the number of passports that were found with a man who died in the earthquake. Mr Key said his advice was that the man was found with only one passport, of European origin. Media reports that he was found with five are incorrect. The other three people who had been in the van took their own passports with them when they left the country, and handed over the deceased man’s Israeli passport to Israeli representatives before departing.

So within 12 hours Israeli representatives were already on the scene, ie. before the "backpackers" left.

Key: “None of the passports were New Zealand passports,” Mr Key said.

And that's his out - he doesn't have to give a fuck or take it personally on behalf of NZ at this point - no matter what their intentions may have been.

Key: Mr Key said he has been assured by Police that there has been no unauthorised access to the Police computer system.

And that may be the red herring in Tulett's story that sinks it because a red herring won't pass the sniff test of credibility. Too far out there?

Key: Mr Key also confirmed he spoke once with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the days following the earthquake. Many other leaders also called to express their condolences and to offer assistance to New Zealand. It took several attempts by Israeli representatives to set up the phone call, as is commonly the case with such calls in the circumstances of a major natural disaster.

“The investigations that have been undertaken have been thorough and have found no evidence of a link between the group and Israeli intelligence,” Mr Key said.

“The Government takes the security of our country very seriously.”

Update 5pm:" The PM has dismissed links with Mossad. "Unusual" - "fully investigated" says PM. That's how it has been spun and repeated by RNZ on their main bulletin. As long as the Israelis don't contradict that story he can say whatever the fuck fairy tale he wants. "No link to Israeli intelligence". "Israeli Ambassador refuses to comment." So good so far for them.

Current score running up to the 6pm news:

Anglo-American Judeo-Christian Military Hegemony 1
"Science Fiction" 0

Without smoking guns at 6pm the story will be killed.

Tullet on RNZ now. Just backpackers? Found nothing but still investigating, a "wider enquiry into Israeli groups in Christchurch" (after the earthquake). Cops will find sonmething.



I don't think Tulett gets it. There is no investigation now, the PM has told you and the PM is in charge of the Police Commissioner. So that's that. He's a likeable version of Muldoon. He's dismissed it, unilaterally forgiven and exonerated and excused the Israeli Mossad and their legation, he probably berates himself for having quasi admitted it at a stand up overseas when he was unbriefed but all he admitted was that some nebulous matters - probably 'security' matters - were also discussed with Netanyahu at the time and assumedly in connection with the Israelis in Christchurch. Key is trying desperately to dial back from having said that because it concedes something happened, so he's made his official denial he is safe saying nothing.
Update 7pm: TV news has been telling this the same as RNZ. Allegations are denied and no additional information. TV3 had some interesting footage of the three Israelis and reported Israelis broke into TV3 CHCH and wouldn't leave. Were they trying to get that footage?
Haaretz leads with this story:There was extensive local media coverage of the search teams that were sent from Israel after the earthquake. The two private search parties were sent without prior coordination with officials in Jerusalem, and were met with difficulties after the local authorities prevented them from searching in the area.

The report claims Israel's reaction to the casualties and missing Israeli citizens was unprecedented. For example, Prime Minister John Key, who is Jewish, spoke with his counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu four times the day of the earthquake. The report also claims that Israeli ambassador Shemi Tzur , who is posted in the capital Wellington, immediately ordered plane tickets to Christchurch. Furthermore, Home Front Defense Minister Matan Vilnai also left immediately for the disaster-struck city.

So an Israeli minister visited as well!? A political level visit.

Some flavour of the comments on this story:

At some point the three Israelis in the TV footage and their names will be put together and someone in Israel, like a journalist, will telephone or email or visit them to confirm/deny. And if they aren't found they will have been Mossad, and if they are found they will of course deny it. So unless there is third party verification it will remain an allegation.


At 20/7/11 1:21 pm, Blogger Gosman said...

Ummmmm.... "the Jewish Prime Minister" WTF???

You're drawing a rather large bow there Tim.

John Key may have a Jewish mother but that only equates him as Jewish under Jewish religious law not New Zealand. He has never claimed that his Jewish background meant more to him than anything else and isn't religious as far as I can see.

Why do you bring that up?

At 20/7/11 3:29 pm, Blogger Frank said...

I keep forgetting - is Israel an ally or enemy? It's friggin hard to make out, sometimes.

At 20/7/11 3:53 pm, Blogger Arto said...

This story is HUGE! An israeli national killed during the quake had five passports on him, and his 3 companions meeting up at a predetermined rendezvous point soon after to make a hasty getaway from NZ.

It's better than James Bond!

At 20/7/11 3:56 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Gosman, I brought up that he was Jewish because the issue is directly concerned with the Jewish state. Just like we ought to mention that Don McKinnnon was raised in Washington DC (as the son of a diplomat I understand) when we try to explain why he is so pro-American, just like how it is relevant to mention that the main rebuttal to Mossad involvement on the extensive Dim Post commentary on this issue is by Stephen Judd - who is Jewish. I mention these things because if you don't it doesn't give the full picture. But as I said it is a coincidence so I don't intend to go on and on about it.

At 20/7/11 9:56 pm, Blogger sdm said...


Why do you call Israel an apatheid state?

At 21/7/11 12:51 am, Blogger jaded mere said...

Well I do which prolly means tumeke will be too gutless to post this. Not because being jewish is a bad thing or even that it was the israelis who (again) who makes a big deal about Key's ethnicity/religion.

I can never tell which it is a race or religion, my family were as secular as all get up, & gave up on theism generations back but from time to time practicing jews tell me I'm jewish so there you go. Anyway that was a digression the point I wanted to make was that Key's heritage does matter if he was induced to trot along to 'hebrew school' every Saturday as so many kiwi/jewish kids were.
Those clases had to be the worst example of child indoctrination going. In many cases the teachers were former IDF or back in my day "freedom fighters" (stern or irgun gunthugs) that filled the kids heads up with racist garbage about Palestinians - well Arabs or Bedouin they called em.

John Key has some dodgy attitudes about the ME eg his decision not to visit major trading partners in the Gulf states on his 1st ME trip. He made it to Jerusalem that trip even though we don't buy or sell shit with israel.

the nats will take money from anyone - dodgy chinese business wanting buy up land, dodgy brit companies wanting to stitch up telecommunications duopolies, so why wouldn't they take money from aipac fronts especially after Helen Clark caused that trouble over Zev Barkan and Co.

Pravda still claims Barkan got hisself into cambodian snuff movies after he fled NZ.

That is the real story, even if kiwi identities aren't being stolen to facilitate assassinations any more, elements of israeli intelligence have gone wild & are involved in organised crime.

This is nothing new - amerikan and russian agencies got up to the same towards the end of the cold war when they managed to create 'self regulating' empires of criminality.

The whole post earthquake business stinks to high heaven and it will serve the govt right if it transpires they weren't protecting israel's right to slaughter women and children in Gaza, they were protecting a sleazy P gang who were laundering their profits in NZ. That will be a tougher story to spin. Still if you lie down with dogs you get fleas.

At 21/7/11 8:55 am, Blogger Rae said...

Israel is the only terrorist state left in the world!

And idiots like Key blindly support it!

At 24/7/11 8:51 am, Blogger Frank said...

Arto said... " This story is HUGE! An israeli national killed during the quake had five passports on him, and his 3 companions meeting up at a predetermined rendezvous point soon after to make a hasty getaway from NZ.

It's better than James Bond!"


Bond wouldn't have run away. He would've toppled this government; fought the evil uber-strong henchman in a deadly hand-to-hand battle; bedded a dozen women by lunch-time; and finally seen of the smiling megalomaniac with plans for world domination.

THAT's Bond!


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