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Thursday, July 28, 2011

So Paula Bennett wants urgent action on vulnerable children does she?

So Paula Bennett wants urgent action on vulnerable children does she? Then why the bloody hell has she waited almost 3 years to launch a 32 page Green Paper that does very little to actually help the almost 20% of NZ children who live in Poverty.

At this rate her Department are writing one page for every month National are in office,.

We know what the issues are, we know how we can make real inroads into poverty reduction when there is genuine political will. $20 million to feed our poorest children so that they can learn will do more for education and poverty reduction in this country than all the bennie bashing bullshit Paula is currently putting all bennificiries under by cutting off their benefits and forcing the mentally unwell and sick back to work when there are no jobs.

All Paula is suggesting is cutting the slices of the pie smaller rather than growing a bigger pie. Sadly this Government are as ideologically blind to taxing the rich as the Republican Party in America are.

When rich and poor stood shoulder to shoulder and fought on the battlefields that gained NZ it's honor, they decided that those who shared the burden of democracy should equally share in it's fruits. Our redistributive tax system is the backbone to our egalitarianism, Paula Bennett's green paper is a pathetic attempt to smoother criticism's of her Governments inaction over poverty by refusing to answer the basic question, how can hungry kids learn?



At 28/7/11 9:40 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Paula Bennettt is a simple minded fool educated beyond her intelligence and fell into her position as one might stumble over the sleeping cat to fall face first into a dust bin . This is now her new world . Head -in-a-bucket land . I've met creeping sociopaths in my field of work . Not to be trusted , burdened with obscure , selfish agendas and as cunning as shit house rats but with less scruples . At ' the end of the day ' she will sit at home telling herself she does a good job as she counts her salary and entitlements while she blithely ignores this shameful suffering on our rich land . But do you know what's worse ? She gets clean away with it ! Like all the evil shits before her . Remember Jenny Shipley . Dob in your neighbour ( Dame ...gag ! ) Shipley for example . Aware New Zealander / Aotearoa people are feeling bullied and intimidated and it's my view , are showing text book symptoms of abuse . Cowering and subservient . Unquestioning and indirect . Slaughtering ourselves in our own suburbs ... or moving to Australia . Why not try rising up against these elitist bully's ? Enroll and vote ! Become aware of what's going on . Indeed ! Fuck the rugby ! There are bigger issues at stake !


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