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Monday, July 18, 2011

RWC rapes and the only advice I'll ever give Graham Henry

So let's get this straight. The Rugby World Cup won't only be used as a justification to expand police powers and have those Police hassle Mana Party members and Unite Union activists. The Rugby World Cup won't only be used as an excuse to vandalize the inner city by putting safety rails through 98 year old stair wells, painting over street art and building assault corridors along Krd. The Rugby World Cup won't only be used as an excuse to pay a private security firm $20 000 to make twice daily sweeps for homeless people on Queen Street to hide them from the tourists so they don't see that NZ is the 7th most unequal country in the OECD.

Not only do we have to put up with all of that plus the monstrous cost, plus the inflation in prices as retailers price gouge tourist and local alike, we also have to deal with the jump in rape...

Fears sex attacks will increase during Cup
A rape prevention group fears a nationwide increase in sexual violence during the Rugby World Cup will overwhelm support services.

...where are the All Blacks fronting anti-violence campaigns for the RWC?

I promised myself I would get excited about this RWC, and I do have a certain amount of respect for the good that sport can provide and the skills required to kick and chase a ball, but when lined up against all the negative, I'm getting more disillusioned about this bloody game, especially as I believe rugby has far too much cultural power as it is.

That said, could I just give one piece of advice to Graham Henry about rugby that I would never normally make because I
a) don't really care less about rugby and
b) it ain't my Field of expertise by any stretch of the imagination.

BUT, if there was one thing I'd suggest that would turn our team of chokers into a team of winners...

...sing the bloody National anthem.

Imagine a line up of All Blacks singing the anthem with unabashed pride and passion -that would the difference between a team of professional privileged athletes playing for a bonus payment and a team playing for honour.

I'm over the RWC and it hasn't even started.



At 19/7/11 1:24 am, Blogger Richard Christie said...

Bomber, I really wouldn't pay too much attention to whatever latest thing it is that Kim McGregor of Rape Crisis is alarmed about.
Her concerns are seldom based upon reality. It seems that now she's a clairvoyant too. Ah well, anything for a few column inches.

At 19/7/11 10:14 am, Blogger cynicboy said...

The sooner its over and done with the better, I'm already sick of this knuckle dragging w@nkfest!


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