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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

RWC economic hope as vacant as John Key's aspiration

Last Cup ticket sales please officials
The remaining tickets for the Rugby World Cup group stages have gone on sale, but organisers are not yet disclosing exactly how well sales had gone.

Other than Kiwi FM, what's shit brown, can't fly and costs us millions? The Rugby World Cup. Last week I bitched about all the Auckland inner city vandalism this Rugby World Cup is causing from ruining century old stair cases, painting over legitimate graffiti art and the creation of Rugby World Cup assault alleyways on K'rd - this week I'd like to focus on how much money this bloody thing is going to cost, because alongside the rebuild of christchurch, which let's be honest isn't going to start anytime soon, the Rugby World Cup was held up by Treasury as the only other event that would lift the economy this year.

To date we've still got 700 000 tickets to sell, if the Rugby World Cup doesn't fire, we're in a lot of economic trouble and it's only a matter of time that after selling half the assets, John Key will be explaining why him selling the other half won't technically be breaking an election promise in the way he technically didn't lie about not raising GST.

Adding insult to injury, police are now hassling unionists and Mana Party members over rugby world cup protests, which sounds about as criminally urgent as chasing kronic dealers at school balls.

So not only does the Rugby World Cup end up costing us a bundle, it gives the Police bullshit excuses to expand their powers and hassle activists, yay - can we just hurry this Rugby World Cup up and choke already?



At 6/7/11 3:52 pm, Blogger Gosman said...

Blame the previous Labour Government, specifically Helen Clark and Trevor Mallard, for this. The National led government is just following through with what was promised then.

BTW did you blog at the time about this issue or did you not think through the implications of what they committed us to?

At 6/7/11 5:58 pm, Blogger James George said...

The financial returns of the RWC are real enough, just way overstated. We'll be at a loss, though we also are for royal visits, for APECs and CHOGMs. Not to mention bloody Hubbard. It is clear though that the financial benefits of the RWC won't go down to the most vulnerable, ie the low paid, except for overtime if they're in hospitality. My main beef is that 1) we keep being told to stop complaining and support the games, when we can in fact do both and 2) that the terms All Blacks and National Party will become inseparable by mid October. I wonder if Labour are ruing their role now.


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