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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rupert's implosion heralds the age of cynicism

Watching Rupert squirm is one thing, the entire implosion of Fleet Street alongside the reputation of the Police force is a cultural head wound on a national psyche reeling from the fallout after their political corruption scandals, all during one of the worst UK recessions on record...

More newspapers accused of hacking
Phone-hacking allegations have spread beyond the felled News of the World to other British tabloids, though the claims are being strongly denounced by their proprietors. Former journalists at the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror - the main tabloid competitors to Rupert Murdoch's British stable - reportedly said the illegal hacking of voicemails was widespread at their papers too.

...Gen Xers are a generation built naturally on skepticism and challenging authority, but can even they prevent an outright jaded collapse of faith in the democratic franchise when the politicians, political establishment, Police and Media are all smeared with the same contempt?

The age of cynicism is born from a ragged master.



At 25/7/11 10:55 am, Blogger dave said...

'Cynicism' implies that certain individuals are flawed, corrupted, two-faced etc and that capitalism can cleaned up. But those are words that describe the default position of the capitalism and its state. Like Murdoch, capitalism in its dotage, can no longer avoid exposing itself as a contradiction between profit profits and public welfare. Result outrage becomes the anti-capitalist default.


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