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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Nation and q+a review

Q+A - 77 870
The Nation - 22 000

The Nation
Colin James the great points out how crap the msm ratings are, and Colin even TELLS The Nation that they should have younger commentators on to give different points of view, ARE YOU LISTENING RICHARD HARMAN? There is an alternative political critique happening and the msm are ignoring it.

I'l bring these issues up directly with Sean Plunkett next month when we are both guest speakers of the CTU when we are reviewing the manufactured crises at the Hobbit and I'll be bagging middle class fog horn Russell Brown over his blog that enabled the msm to conduct the worst union bashing since the waterfront strike.

Tizard is on and so is that nice Fabian Society chap pointing out that despite the crap from the msm this election isn't lost yet. The Nation are again once using baby boomer commentators zzzzzzzzzzzz. What The Nation doesn't get is that National will have no coalition partners. Sean is sadly clinging to his cheap brainfart polls with their failed methodology, can't wait to confront him with that.

It's that prick Simn Power on next, my bet is that The Nation gloss over Smons largest erosion of civil liberties for a soft slow hand job that passes as interviews on The Nation. Incredibly that's exactly what Sean does (Jesus I can't wait to bring this up to him at the CTU conference). No attack on his erosion of civil liberties, no attack on banning jury's, no attack on trial by tv screen, no attack on his destruction of an independent legal aid system, no attack on the speed of ramming through people in a pet food cheap grade of justice, it is extraordinarily bullshit even for The Nation. No attack on his resigning as state asset minister for a 'conflict of interest'.

The lack of critical questions is embarrassing, how can a man enact the largest single erosion of civil liberties in this fucking country get away with such a pasfest for an interview? Simon never gives interviews, so this rare chance to hold the bugger to account is a shocker. I'm switching over to the comedy channel, at least that is supposed to be funny. Can't wait to go one on one with Sean at the CTU conference. The Nation barely rates above 20 000 per week, Citizen A rates over 10 000, at least Citizen A asks the hard questions. There's a Bennie bash story, but I'm not even bothering with it - why watch a press release from Paula Bennett?

Epic fail of an interview, I'm going to make Sean cry on stage next month. I have to be honest to admit that I ma be dropping The Nation from weekly review in favor of Marae investigates as the quality of weekly current affairs there is far better than The Nation.

Dr Jon will also be a guest speaker at the CTU conference in Wellington for the same guest speaking role so I'll bring up my list f complaints about Q+A as well, mostly complaints about that awful Tm Watkin.

When Rupert Murdock buys TVNZ if National get re-elected, I wonder if they will replace Holmes with Paul Henry as host of Q+A?

Th bullshit green paper by Paula Bennett is being discussed, at least q+a are asking some had questions, well until Guyon starts interviewing anyone I suppose. The monologue is always the best bit of q+a.

The brilliant Lord Winston and Gluckman are both on, they are deeply critical of National's approach to poverty. Isn't it hilarious, because NZers LOVE John Key, they will refuse to see how detrimental National's policy are for the rest of the country. Sleepy Hobbits are so stupid and we deserve to reap what we sow. How dare Bennett who has led the Bennie bash bullshit now pretend to care months out from the election. Her 32 page green paper report equates to almost 1 page per month by her department since she entered Parliament. The bullshit meme that the right wing use is that if money could solve the problem I would have, when you consider w only spend .4% GDP on early child education which puts us behind Mexico and Portugal, that bullshit intellectually defunct argument that throwing money at the problem would solve the problem is as empty as Cameron Slater's dead soulless eyes. Listening to all these right wingers claim they want to take dogma out of the debate when all the have been doing is Dogma is a joke.

PS Annette King was amazing



At 31/7/11 11:51 am, Blogger CAS said...

All these polls are telling us is how Dewey's going to defeat Truman in the upcoming elections.

At 31/7/11 2:13 pm, Blogger happynz said...

Honestly, the Nation's shilling for the National Party is really beyond the pale.

Sean Plunkett: Everyone we've polled says you're wonderful. How do you respond to that?

Simon Powers: I am the dogs nuts, aren't I.

At 31/7/11 7:29 pm, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

What a toadying performance from RB, he was listed as a speaker too at the SPADA conference 11-12 Nov ’10, on the ‘Hobbit dispute’ well before any dust had settled.


A number of people in this industry have done the invoicing thing, pretending to be independent contractors-such as caterers, techies etc. when they are clearly dependent contractors, ie employees. It is an industry based on patronage and brown nosing, the Auckland lot get away with it because they can do commercials etc out of Lord Jackson‘s gaze.


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